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  • aftermath of bombing (Prometheus72 / Shutterstock.com)

    Predicting suicide attacks by analyzing similarities

    By analyzing features and patterns in recent attacks, researchers may be able to predict not only the characteristics of future attacks, but timing and location as well.

  • lab testing (Shutterstock image)

    Biotech advances may stress regulatory agencies

    Ratcheting up scientific capabilities, tools and expertise will help agencies evaluate new biotech products, a new report says.

  • Six steps to securing additive manufacturing

    Six steps to securing additive manufacturing

    The Defense Department's maintenance and supply-chain challenges have made it a leader in additive manufacturing, but the next major hurdle will be ensuring that the technology is secure.

  • artificial intelligence network concept (ShutterStock image)

    What’s AI, and what’s not

    There about as many definitions of artificial intelligence as there are researchers developing the technology.

  • doctor appointment on calendar (ShutterStock image)

    The virtual assistant for the VA

    A voice-activated virtual assistant may make it easier for veterans to schedule appointments that are then integrated with their health records and the workflow at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • highway engineer with plans (ShutterStock image)

    Can augmented reality improve highway construction?

    The Federal Highway Administration wants to study the potential for AR technology to improve management of highway construction projects.

  • Array of Things node

    Design and resilience key for smart city sensors

    The success of Chicago's Array of Things sensor net depends not only on the resilience of the hardware but the look of the nodes, according to the project’s lead.

  • Philippines new Intelligent Operations Center (IBM Research)

    How governments really use emerging tech

    A number of agencies have been able to leverage innovation to deliver government services more efficiently, create public value and transform lives, a new report says.

  • First person shooter (America

    How the military is using ‘violent, chaotic, beautiful’ video games to train soldiers

    Though their effectiveness as training tools is disputed, violent video games can be used for recruiting soldiers and promoting the geopolitical goals of the military.

  • IBM Q quantum computer

    IBM pushes toward quantum goal

    The company announced plans to scale its systems to 50 qubits and make them commercially available for business and collaborative scientific research.

  • man machine handshake (ShutterStock image)

    A survival guide for the coming AI revolution

    Artificial intelligence will disrupt fields where human processing power falls short, but it can create opportunities that embrace creativity, social intelligence and manipulation.

  • Microelectromechanical device with micro mirror mounted in system to direct infrared laser light to the receiver (photo by Patrick Mansell / Penn State)

    Cool, cable-free data centers via laser data transmission

    Researchers have demonstrated that infrared lasers can be used to send high-speed, low-error data streams from equipment mounted on top of server racks.

  • Car mechanic simulation (image by Virtual Rehab)

    Rehabilitating prisoners in a virtual world

    Virtual Rehab hopes to bring virtual reality educational and rehabilitation experiences to prisoners.

  • Leveraging the wisdom (and ignorance) of crowds (ShutterStock image)

    Leveraging the wisdom (and ignorance) of crowds

    A new IARPA project aims to improve human reasoning through large-scale, structured crowdsourcing.

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  • security compliance

    Security fundamentals: Policy compliance

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