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  • 2016 DIG IT winners

    Discovery and innovation in government IT: The 2016 dig IT Award winners

    DARPA, FEMA, NGA, Prince George's County, New Jersey's Parole Board and the Ark-Tex Council of Governments take top honors.

  • Sending passwords securely…through your body

    Sending passwords securely…through your body

    Researchers at the University of Washington have come up with a way to secure passwords by sending them through the human body, beyond the reach of wireless sniffers.

  • Protecting the perimeter as drones proliferate

    Protecting the perimeter as drones proliferate

    The Federal Aviation Administration's test of the SkyTracker drone-detection system shows what's possible in securing an increasingly crowded airspace.

  • FAA small UAS registry

    New drone registration system is flying high

    The cloud-based, API-driven website was delivered in two months and has processed nearly half a million registrations.

  • DHS nurtures wearable tech for responders

    DHS nurtures wearable tech for responders

    The EMERGE program accelerates the delivery of wearable technologies for first responders by bringing startups, accelerators and strategic partners together in a common research and development effort.

  • automated hand held radio testing

    Automated radio testing speeds preventive maintenance

    The Los Angeles Information Technology Agency’s robotic system automates the disruptive and time-consuming testing of handheld radios.

  • Targeting data pain points with process robotics

    Targeting data pain points with process robotics

    Several federal agencies are piloting a program to reduce the manual labor associated with repetitive, rules-based data tasks.

  • Avoiding midair crises

    Avoiding midair crises

    The Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System uses optical sense-and-avoid technology to allow aircraft to detect and track other aircraft approaching in real-time.

  • Drones get up close and personal with bridges

    Drones get up close and personal with bridges

    The Minnesota Department of Transportation is evaluating whether unmanned aerial systems can take some of the cost and danger out of bridge inspections.

  • What drones mean for surveillance

    What drones mean for surveillance

    Experts explore how law enforcement is using unmanned vehicles and the ethics that such quickly evolving tools entail.

  • Computer security

    Hacking your data without touching your network

    Cybersecurity researchers show how data can be captured by near-field analysis of electromagnetic leakage.

  • Secrets of open data success

    White House announces new smart city funding

    The White House on Sept. 26 announced more than $80 million in new funding for smart cities research and projects across the county.

  • smart city

    Survey: Attacks on smart city IT all but inevitable

    A Tripwire study also found that 88 percent of IT professionals think such hacks would pose a threat to public safety.

  • When virtual and augmented reality meets government analytics

    When virtual and augmented reality meets government analytics

    Combining analytics and AR/VR will allow agencies to tackle challenges more efficiently, ultimately saving money, time and maybe even lives.

Topic Resources

  • Transforming Customer Service: Building a Smarter Service-Oriented Workforce

    Whether a public contact center or an internal help desk, government offices managing customer service play a vital role in supporting their agencies missions. Unfortunately, many service centers lack the tools they need to deliver high-quality services in a timely fashion. In this webcast, Michelle Earley, USAJOBS Program Manager at OPM, and Stephanie Wade, Director, Innovation Lab at OPM, will discuss how they are transforming USAJOBS, the federal government's official jobs site to improve the hiring process and elevate the level of customer service that applicants receive. The transformation is comprehensive, involving the adoption of human-centered design principles, the use cloud-based DevOps to create new services, and the modernization of foundational technology, including the cloud.

  • Improve Agency Processes -- Focus Here First

    View this on-demand presentation to learn how agencies can use process improvement to put the U.S. Digital Services Playbook into action. Leading experts used real-world case studies to illustrate how Business Process Management (BPM) can help agencies save resources and meet customer expectations, regardless of location, device, or communication method.

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  • false missile alert

    Avoiding a repeat of Hawaii's 'wrong button' mistake

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