emerging technology
  • Researchers patching cellphone leaks of personal data

    Researchers patching cellphone leaks of personal data

    Many mobile apps transmit user identifiers, locations and passwords without providing any obvious benefit to the user.

  • drone technology

    When drones can regulate themselves

    Industry experts recently explained to lawmakers how unmanned aerial systems technology can ease the challenges of integrating drones into the national airspace.

  • Analytics_digital_graph

    Sandia's PANTHER predicts movement

    Researchers have developed a way to store and represent trajectories so that computers can compare them more efficiently -- helping human analysts separate signals from noise.

  • smartphone access to IoT in home

    Making mobile phones the authentication hubs for smart homes

    With funding from the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, the pilots address barriers to the identity ecosystem and seed the marketplace with “NSTIC-aligned” solutions to enhance privacy, security and convenience in online transactions.

  • NASA

    NASA’s R5 robots are off to school

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Northeastern University will each receive an R5 robot and funding to research improving its autonomy.

  • ARL finds untapped brain power with EEGs

    Army finds untapped brain power with EEGs

    Researchers at the Army Research Lab are developing methods for using EEGs to improve soldiers’ performance.

  • RF-Capture

    Seeing through walls with Wi-Fi

    Despite the low energy of Wi-Fi signals, they can be used to effectively penetrate concrete to detect human movement and to map spaces and objects inside buildings.

  • human machine collaboration in F-35 training simulator

    Man-machine combo key to future Defense innovation

    Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work said future automation will increasingly include human-machine collaboration.

  • Paving the way for flexible electronics

    Paving the way for flexible electronics

    At the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute, researchers are developing technologies to could transform everything from sensors to energy storage.

  • Where computing hits the wall: 3 things holding us back

    Where computing hits the wall: 3 things holding us back

    According to IARPA Director Jason Matheny, researchers are making progress, but high-performance computing, machine learning and causality still need work.

  • Can big data predict violent behavior?

    Can big data predict violent behavior?

    A team from Harvard Medical School is applying machine learning models to U.S. Army personnel datasets to predict violent behavior.

  • emerging tech gets serious

    Look out: They're sending in the suits on emerging tech

    Market intelligence firm IDC announces that six emerging technologies are getting hit with the business end of the stick.

  • PrecisionHawk LATAS drone traffic management system

    How to do air traffic control for drones

    PrecisionHawk’s LATAS platform combines radar, satellites and cell networks, offering a consolidated interface for tracking and monitoring drone activity within the national airspace.

  • FLETC ABIS avatar

    The virtues of virtual law-enforcement training

    The Department of Homeland Security's Federal Law Enforcement Training Center is using digital simulations to train for everything from marksmanship to making eye contact.