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  • Philippines new Intelligent Operations Center (IBM Research)

    How governments really use emerging tech

    A number of agencies have been able to leverage innovation to deliver government services more efficiently, create public value and transform lives, a new report says.

  • First person shooter (America

    How the military is using ‘violent, chaotic, beautiful’ video games to train soldiers

    Though their effectiveness as training tools is disputed, violent video games can be used for recruiting soldiers and promoting the geopolitical goals of the military.

  • IBM Q quantum computer

    IBM pushes toward quantum goal

    The company announced plans to scale its systems to 50 qubits and make them commercially available for business and collaborative scientific research.

  • man machine handshake (ShutterStock image)

    A survival guide for the coming AI revolution

    Artificial intelligence will disrupt fields where human processing power falls short, but it can create opportunities that embrace creativity, social intelligence and manipulation.

  • Microelectromechanical device with micro mirror mounted in system to direct infrared laser light to the receiver (photo by Patrick Mansell / Penn State)

    Cool, cable-free data centers via laser data transmission

    Researchers have demonstrated that infrared lasers can be used to send high-speed, low-error data streams from equipment mounted on top of server racks.

  • Car mechanic simulation (image by Virtual Rehab)

    Rehabilitating prisoners in a virtual world

    Virtual Rehab hopes to bring virtual reality educational and rehabilitation experiences to prisoners.

  • Leveraging the wisdom (and ignorance) of crowds (ShutterStock image)

    Leveraging the wisdom (and ignorance) of crowds

    A new IARPA project aims to improve human reasoning through large-scale, structured crowdsourcing.

  • Putting HoloLens to work inspecting infrastructure (University of Cambridge/YouTube)

    Putting HoloLens to work inspecting infrastructure

    Mixed reality apps will combine images and existing modeling data to help HoloLens-wearing inspectors quickly evaluate a structure’s integrity and construction progress.

  • augmented reality for training at Sandia National Laboratories (photo by Randy Montoya)

    AR-based nuclear security training

    Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have been working with augmented reality to improve security training for nuclear facilities.

  • Securing IoT devices from within

    Securing IoT devices from within

    To ensure mutual authentication, a new solution uses a small chip that is preloaded with unique cryptographic codes to allow data to be transmitted more securely from an IoT device to the cloud.

  • autonomous vehicle (ShutterStock image)

    Driving the autonomous vehicle conversation

    Policy makers and auto industry executives discuss government’s role in autonomous vehicles.

  • Fingerprint biometrics (ShutterStock image)

    Making fingerprints more reliable biometrics

    The intelligence community's research arm is working on detecting fake fingerprints and developing devices to collect fingerprint data without a human operator.

  • Image courtesy of D-Wave

    Cybersecurity firm buys next-gen quantum machine

    Temporal Defense Systems plans to use the D-Wave 2000Q to solve complex cybersecurity problems affecting governments and commercial enterprises.

  • virtual reality hardware used by NASA to rehearse work on the International Space Station. (Photo by NASA)

    Accelerating virtual reality in government

    As VR technology makes its way into the government space, GSA’s Digital Government group seeks to smooth the adoption.

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  • Students in a Virginia Tech laboratory test Popcorn Linux -- an operating system that can compile different programming languages into a single format. Credit: Dr. Binoy Ravindran

    Popcorn Linux OS gives processors a common language

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