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    Blockchain bytes: a selection of news from around the web

    The latest on government legislation, pilot projects and research to advance distributed ledger technology.

  • ion trap (K. Hudek, Ion Q&E / E. Edwards, JQI)

    NSF funds a leap toward quantum computing

    The National Science Foundation is investing millions in research to build a practical quantum computer.

  • Cargo at port (Travel mania/Shutterstock.com)

    Blockchain for trade certificate management

    Customs and Border Protection will begin testing blockchain to verify certificates of origin.

  • Government Innovation Awards - https://governmentinnovationawards.com

    Announcing this year’s top Public Sector Innovations

    These 36 projects at the federal, state and local levels show just how transformative government IT can be.

  • Securing the grid by moving tech from lab to market

    National lab eyes blockchain for energy grid security

    Blockchain can increase the trustworthiness of real-time energy transactions without adding prohibitive costs, latency, interoperability or scale issues.

  • artificial intelligence (vs148/Shutterstock.com)

    Government leans into machine learning

    Agencies at every level -- local, state and federal -- are increasingly using AI and machine learning to better understand data and make back-office tasks more efficient.

  • machine learning

    Mitigating the risks of military AI

    A new report urges researchers to focus less on automated combat and more on defensive machine learning.

  • airport CT scanner (TSA)

    TSA ramps up airport security tech

    More airports will implement 3D baggage scanning and credential authentication technologies in the coming year, the Transportation Security Administration said.

  • UberAIR (Uber/YouTube)

    Uber taps government, university partners for UberAIR

    The Army Research Lab, the University of Texas at Austin and NASA are working with Uber on its flying taxi service.

  • robots follow human (Ico Maker/Shutterstock.com)

    Robots learn by 'following the leader'

    Army Research Laboratory scientists are teaching robots to learn how to navigate environmental features following examples provided by humans.

  • Blockchain (a-image/Shutterstock.com)

    CDC tests blockchain for data transparency

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is running a pilot that uses blockchain to secure health record data and give the data lifecycle far more transparency.

  • document security (Jirsak/Shutterstock.com)

    DARPA's plan to restore trust in electronic documents

    Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's SafeDocs program aims to devise a dramatically better way to detect and reject untrustworthy data.

  • DOT funds anti-gridlock tech

    Can electricity use predict a bad morning commute?

    Data on household electricity consumption could help transit agencies predict morning traffic congestion, new research suggests.

  • mobile voting

    West Virginia to expand blockchain-based voting

    After a successful two-county test during the May primary election, the West Virginia secretary of state is planning to expand the effort in November.

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    How can AI help government improve?

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