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  • geopolitical chess (shutterstock.com)

    DARPA wants war games that write their own rules

    The next level of strategic gaming would model the behavior of an entire nation, with its complex interplay of political, economic and social factors.

  • blockchain (Aleutie/Shutterstock.com)

    How government can get the most out of blockchain

    By starting small, and focusing on user experience and agile development, agencies can take advantage of the new foundational technology.

  • drones (I

    Laying the foundation for drone swarms

    DARPA wants technologies and tactics to manage drone swarms in diverse, evolving urban situations.

  • blockchain in government

    Blockchain: Getting government beyond the hype

    Interest in blockchain's public sector potential is growing. But while use cases and proof of concepts are hinting as what's possible, agencies have a ways to go before projects can be rolled out on a larger scale.

  • facial recognition (Shutterstock.com)

    Facial recognition improving 'at breakneck speeds'

    Recent winners of the IARPA challenge demonstrate improvements with the technology's accuracy and speed.

  • Urban Pulse (Urban Pulse/YouTube)

    Urban Pulse maps, analyzes use of urban spaces

    Researchers have developed open source software that maps how, when and, to a degree, by whom urban spaces are being used.

  • robot hand on keyboard (Zapp2Photo/Shutterstock.com)

    Debunking common myths about federal automation

    Automation is the solution to reducing risk, shrinking costs and breaking down data silos that are plaguing agencies.

  • artificial intelligence (Shutterstock image)

    Agency officials, industry call for transparency in AI

    As both the public and private sector race to develop artificial intelligence-based tools and applications, some execs are urging caution.

  • drone in sunrise (Alexey Yuzhakov/Shutterstock.com)

    White House high on drones, FAA gets tech to help manage them

    The Trump administration has issued plans for accelerating the integration of unmanned aerial systems into the national airspace.

  • DHS nurtures wearable tech for responders

    Are wearables reliable enough for public safety?

    National Institute of Standards and Technology will test wearables marketed to first responders.

  • in line at the airport (Tooykrub / Shutterstock.com)

    DHS seeks tech for a better border-crossing experience

    Technology that counts international travelers in airports and guides them to the correct inspection areas would streamline the inspection process and improve travelers' experience.

  • smart city (Dmi T/Shutterstock.com)

    Will smart city investment pay off?

    The Smart Cities Benefits Index ranks 50 cities based on their expected return on investment in smart city technology.

  • GCN dig IT awards

    Congratulations to this year's dig IT award winners

    From mobile security to telehealth to smarter and more resilient infrastructure, these five projects represent the best of discovery and innovation in government IT.

  • Robotic process automation  (Alexander Supertramp/Shutterstock.com)

    Robotic process automation delivers better results for citizens

    Applying automation to business processes can reduce or eliminate many of the obstacles to delivering fast, efficient citizen outcomes while keeping humans at the heart of government service.

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  • HPE SGI 8600

    New supercomputers headed to DOD

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