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  • 5G  (Andrey Suslov/Shutterstock.com)

    Marines pilot 5G in ‘living lab’ at Miramar

    Marine Corps Air Station Miramar will test the technology for energy communications, connected vehicles, drones and perimeter security.

  • Columbus traffic (aceshot1/Shutterstock.com)

    Columbus unwraps smart transportation pilots

    Columbus, Ohio, is driving its Smart City Challenge transportation projects forward, and transit officials in Nashville, Tenn., and across Arizona are integrating and analyzing traffic data, advancing connected vehicle infrastructure and supporting needs of local residents.

  • DARPA Squad X -- Marines and autonomous vehicles (DARPAtv/YouTube)

    Conversational AI eases soldier-robot teaming

    The Army Research Laboratory is working on bi-directional conversational technology that will make it easier for soldiers to team with autonomous systems.

  • images of faces with digital masks (B. Hayes/NIST)

    Facial recognition retools for masked faces

    To help developers improve the accuracy of facial recognition systems on people wearing masks, the National Institute of Standards and Technology published evaluation data on 89 commercial algorithms developed before the pandemic.

  • Summit Supercomputer (Oak Ridge National Lab)

    Shared infrastructure powers federal COVID research

    The COVID-19 Insights Partnership creates a framework for the Departments of Health and Human Services and Veterans Affairs to take advantage of the high performance computing and artificial intelligence resources at the Department of Energy to conduct cutting-edge COVID-19 research.

  • DHS seeks info on counter-drone tech

    DHS tests counter-drone tech

    The Department of Homeland Security is testing counter-drone systems near agency facilities and ports, according to a recently released privacy impact assessment.

  • digital key (Mott Jordan/Shutterstock.com)

    NIST again narrows post-quantum encryption algorithm candidates

    National Institute of Standards and Technology has selected a final group of 15 algorithms that will form the core of the first post-quantum cryptography standard.

  • data analytics (Shutterstock.com)

    Accelerating time to value with DataOps

    Once the right technology, infrastructure and people are in place, agencies can begin harnessing their data to create significant value.

  • Quantum computing: Probable solutions incredibly fast

    Energy Department unveils plans for a quantum internet

    A new report identifies the scientific applications, priority research directions and key milestones that must be achieved to design and construct “the ultimate in secure communications.”

  • traffic stop

    Tennessee town rolls out license plate recognition system

    Since the system went live April 1, it has contributed to more than 30 interceptions and arrests of suspects in crimes such as car, license plate and trailer thefts and even the recovery of a runaway.

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