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  • NASA’s UTM test

    Drone traffic control system test gets thumbs up

    Despite a long road ahead, a first test of the UAS traffic management system demonstrated significant progress in integrating drones into the national airspace.

  • Providing the last leg of gigabit Internet without fiber

    Getting to gigabit Internet without fiber

    While it builds out its fiber network, Santa Cruz, Calif., is using a network of millimeter wave radios to deliver gigabit-speed Internet.

  • San Jose

    San José partners with Facebook for high-speed outdoor Wi-Fi

    San José, Calif., will be working with Facebook’s Connectivity Lab to pilot its Terragraph system, a 60-gigahertz wireless system for high-density areas.

  • Soldier avatars drive down testing costs

    Soldier avatars to drive down testing costs

    The Army could soon be turning to avatars as a less expensive alternative for testing everything from military gear to medical applications.

  • Smartphone LDS

    Can your smartphone drive your car?

    By adding a laser sensor to a smartphone, researchers at MIT created a low-cost device that can deliver the high-resolution distance sensing required for robotic navigation.

  • Black hornet drone

    Army fills in details on micro drone RFI

    Following a request for information asking for Soldier Borne Sensors for individual soldiers, military leaders addressed some configuration and procurement particulars.

  • TaintArtist promises to detect abusive smartphone apps

    TaintArtist promises to detect abusive phone apps

    Rather than trying to screen apps for malware, researchers suggest it may be more effective to monitor the behavior of installed apps for signs of improper behavior.

  • block chain on the horizon for government

    Blockchain on the government horizon

    The technology that powers Bitcoin has the potential to address government trust and security issues.

  • GeoMesa tames big data for GIS in the cloud

    GeoMesa distributes geospatial data processing over the scalable resources of Hadoop, virtually eliminating the limits to the amount of data that can be managed.

  • DARPA calls on DIYers for weaponized tech

    DARPA calls on DIYers for weaponized tech

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency seeks proposals that convert commercial technologies into security threats.

  • solar cells in village

    Interagency teams take up diplomacy challenge

    From nearly 500 submissions, six finalist teams were selected at the D3 Innovation Summit for their solutions to that leverage technology to solve global problems.

  • quantum encryption

    Can we build quantum-resistant encryption?

    New research demonstrating that quantum computing is now just an engineering challenge moves the possibility of encryption-cracking machines to the front burner.

  • drone technology

    How hackable are first responders' quadcopters?

    A researcher presenting at the RSA Security Conference said he can hack and hijack a popular drone model via two separate system vulnerabilities.

  • Passive Wi-Fi will boost Internet of Things

    Passive Wi-Fi will boost Internet of Things

    Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a way that passive, or reflected, signals can help IoT sensors transmit data while using far less power than existing Wi-Fi devices.

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  • Millions of formerly secret CIA documents available online (Photo by ShutterStock)

    Millions of formerly secret CIA documents available online

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