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  • intrusion detection (sdecoret/

    Protecting election registration sites from cyber intrusions

    The Albert network monitoring solution provides automated alerts on both traditional and advanced network threats.

  • tax form (negmardesign/

    Indiana's risk-based strategy for tax fraud detection

    With tax day less than three weeks away, the Indiana Department of Revenue is utilizing fraud analytics to detect anomalies in returns.

  • communications tower (noolwlee/

    FirstNet, Verizon announce core public-safety networks

    As FirstNet and AT&T launch the dedicated evolved packet core network to support first responders, Verizon announced general availability of its competing network.

  • ransomware (posteriori/

    Atlanta still hobbled by ransomware attack

    Days after the announcement of a ransomware attack on Atlanta's city network, officials are still struggling to bring citizen-facing websites and internal application back online.

  • open lock (Alexander Softog/

    Oregon governor signs data breach law

    The legislation will toughen the state's consumer data breach laws, requiring that residents be notified within 45 days after a data breach has been discovered.

  • ransomware

    Atlanta is the latest ransomware victim

    After an attack that encrypted data across computers in Atlanta's government offices, the city is working with federal and industry cybersecurity response teams to determine the extent of the attack and unlock the computers.

  • Partnership (sdecoret/

    Cybersecurity partnerships: Strength in numbers

    Public sector organizations are forming partnerships to better share threat information and provide tactical cybersecurity training to IT staff.

  • casting paper ballot (Sergey Tinyakov/

    Congress puts $380 million toward election security

    The omnibus funding bill includes grant funding to help states secure their election systems.

  • blockchain (Sotnikov Ivan/

    Colorado bullish on blockchain

    A bipartisan bill in Colorado encourages state agencies to explore blockchain solutions in new and existing IT projects to secure data, eliminate redundancies, prevent fraud and save money.

  • mobile phone user (Don Pablo/

    A smartphone-based 'office' for parole agents

    California's Virtual Integrated Mobile Office app lets parole agents update their case files from smartphones while in the field.

  • election security (

    Best practices for election systems security

    A new handbook from the Center for Internet Security details ways jurisdictions can improve the security of their digital elections systems.

  • forest (Olga Danylenko/

    Inventory management system streamlines foresters' field work

    Soon available on foresters' personal mobile devices, the Michigan Forest Inventory system helps the state manage its trees for habitat preservation, recreation and timber sales.

  • eInspection app for oil gas inspectors

    Environmental inspectors find mobile app to be a force multiplier

    With the help of tablet-based app, Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection "massively" increased the number and accuracy of its inspections of oil and gas wells.

  • connected engaged government (magic pictures/

    Engagement, accessibility, cybersecurity top local government priorities

    By leveraging social media, video, mobile messaging and other communications tools, agencies are poised to drive significant change in how they interact with their communities.

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