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  • partnership for election security

    Creating election security alliances

    Collaborating with local IT officials and private industry has helped election officials in Denver and New York improve their election security.

  • automotive research at the University of Florida Transportation Institute

    Governments, car companies must resolve their competing goals for self-driving cars

    Intercar communication, coupled with the involvement of road sensors on the highway and in the on-ramp, can ensure not only that individual vehicles are safe but also that the entire traffic system functions efficiently.

  • paper ballot

    Russian hacking fuels return to paper ballots

    Amid security concerns over Russian hackers targeting state voting systems in 2016, there's a renewed focus on shifting to analog solutions.

  • firstnet

    22 states opt-in to FirstNet

    Just under half of U.S. states and territories have chosen to use the FirstNet wireless nationwide first responder network, while the rest officially have 90 days to decide.

  • drone at airport (

    New York opens first leg of drone test corridor

    An agreement with NASA will support the development of a 50-mile test corridor and a facility to certify the cybersecurity and air worthiness of drones.

  • voting (Barbara Kalbfleisch/

    Attempted voting hacks a 'wake-up call,' former DHS chief says

    The Russian probes and alleged attempted hacks of voting systems in the last election "exposed cyber vulnerabilities" that could have serious ramifications.

  • cloud encrypted gateway

    Maryland builds cross-department cloud for data sharing

    The Human Services and Juvenile Services departments are moving data into an integrated, cloud-based data repository.

  • analytics

    Open data isn't just for developers

    Officials in Montgomery County. Md., are leveraging open data for internal projects.

  • Endeavor Robotics

    As military buys more robots, police ask for leftovers

    Hand-me-down systems are making their way to local law enforcement, but even then funding can be a challenge.

  • NGA tries paying by the sprint

    State strategies for smarter IT procurement

    State IT officials can work together with procurement representatives to ensure best possible value in contracts, according to a new NASCIO report.

  • street flooding (Echunder/

    Can IoT protect communities when the next floods come?

    With low-cost flood sensors, the Lower Colorado River Authority hopes to collect enough data that it can improve the accuracy of its flood predictions and geo-target alerts.

  • data analytics (Elnur/

    How data analytics supports Virginia's Medicaid services

    The Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services is bringing data analytics to the state's Medicaid services.

  • connected Atlanta

    Atlanta and Georgia Tech roll out smart city projects

    The North Avenue Smart Corridor Project uses adaptive traffic signals for a safer, more efficient flow of bus and vehicular traffic in real-time conditions.

  • NYC street signs (Andrey Bayda/

    NYC takes new direction with street sign management system

    The Transportation Department traded in its mainframe legacy system for an open source web-based app to manage signs and work orders.

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  • Robotic process automation  (Alexander Supertramp/

    Robotic process automation delivers better results for citizens

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