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  • city on a cloud

    Small town's Alexa skill wins AWS award

    Twelve organizations received AWS City on a Cloud Awards for projects ranging from automated body cameras to earthquake readiness mobile apps.

  • secure election (WhiteDragon/

    Federal funds, expertise helping secure local elections

    States have tapped into a federal fund to shore up their election systems, and the Department of Homeland Security is tailoring its threat sharing data to better fit the needs of states, officials told a Senate panel.

  • opioid analytics

    Data shines light on opioid victims, potential solutions

    Big data analysis, systems integration and even emerging tech like artificial intelligence can be pressed into service combatting the opioid crisis, health experts say.

  • drone over a highway (Naypong Studio/

    Ohio plans to integrate drones into traffic management

    New research will determine how drones can give officials a better sense of traffic problems that are reported through connected vehicle technology.

  • opening city data

    Open data grows up

    Initially a tool for transparency or internal efficiency, open data is starting to drive communities into hard conversations.

  • How technology can help first responders save lives

    New advances in automation, mobile services and artificial intelligence can boost emergency responders’ timeliness, precision and effectiveness.

  • traffic data (metamorworks/

    Open source traffic management

    The Louisville Metro Government has taken lessons learned from a Waze partnership and built an open source tool that other local governments can use to spot traffic problems.

  • blockchain (Iurii Motov/

    How cities can prepare for blockchain

    Blockchain technology can improve government efficiency by optimizing everyday tasks and interactions, a new National League of Cities report says.

  • digital license plate (Reviver)

    Sacramento drives digital license plate test

    The plates will provide fleet management data to the city, allow drivers to renew registrations online and even flash emergency messages.

  • connected city (chombosan/

    Laying the groundwork for 5G

    Efforts by Congress, local governments and industry are converging to deploy the 5G technology that will power smart cities.

  • connected vehicles, infrastructure (US DOT)

    Connected vehicles pilots pave the way to autonomy

    A fully autonomous automotive ecosystem is still decades down the road, but experts say vehicles will be communicating with roadside infrastructure much sooner.

  • system support

    County optimizes existing ERP while laying the groundwork for a new system

    As Multnomah County, Ore., prepares to switch to a new ERP solution, it's getting third-party support for its customized SAP platform.

  • Austin traffic data

    Austin's one-stop shop for traffic management

    The Austin, Texas, Department of Transportation’s Data and Performance Hub is designed to give both staff and citizens an inside look at signal operations citywide.

  • election security (

    DHS steps up security assistance for states' election systems

    The Department of Homeland Security’s National Protection and Programs Directorate is offering funding guidance, security clearances and vulnerability scans to help fortify state and local elections.

Topic Resources

  • Understanding Data Center Modernization Options

    As government agencies modernize data centers, there are many options for complying with mandates, streamlining operations, and reducing costs. Cutting-edge technologies, such as Flash, paired with cloud operations, adds speed and efficiency. Modernizing data center management also can accelerate workload processing, optimize data analytics, and increase security.

  • Optimizing Federal Data Center Operations and Management

    In this white paper you’ll learn the advantages of data center optimization, and a step by step process to get there. Also, how federal data center optimization can help improve agency efficiencies, lower costs, centralize and increase security, and scale for quicker, more robust performance.

  • PixelNet 2.0: The Pixel Perfect Platform

    On a large corporate campus for a major hardware manufacturer, the ability to display and manage audiovisual data is paramount. From real-time operations room video and security camera footage, to lobby signage, to streaming data and other A/V applications in conference rooms across multiple buildings, critical operations rely on accurate, real-time video data.

  • Enabling the Data-Driven Economy in the Cognitive Era

    Government leaders have to consider and weigh many variables as they undertake the mission to improve the lives of citizens. They are continually challenged to improve program outcomes, optimize service delivery, and strengthen security, safety and resilience. They face these challenges knowing they have to build capabilities to identify hidden patterns, apply insight with speed and build knowledge that will better enable them to enhance and protect the economic vitality of the citizens and communities they serve.

  • Mission Possible! Your cognitive future in Government

    Welcome to the age of cognitive computing, where intelligent machines simulate human brain capabilities to help solve society’s most vexing problems. Early adopters in government and other industries are already realizing significant value from this innovative technology, and its potential to transform government is enormous. Currently, cognitive systems are helping government organizations navigate complexity in operational environments and foster improved engagement with constituents. Our research indicates that government leaders are poised to embrace this groundbreaking technology and invest in cognitive capabilities to improve outcomes for government organizations across mission areas.

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  • smart city (metamorworks/

    Citizen engagement and public service in the era of the IoT

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