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  • ArcGIS Urban view of Boston (Esri)

    Boston plans its future with GIS-based 3D models

    Using Esri’s ArcGIS Urban, city planners can easily see the impacts of rezoning and redevelopment projects and make adjustments.

  • connected city (ShutterStock image)

    Smart city projects, surveillance drive IoT growth

    Spending on internet-of-things technologies and services worldwide is expected to reach more than $2 billion by 2023.

  • paper ballot (Alexandru Nika/

    The newest risks for state election systems: Russian owners and remote access

    A top voting machine vendor admits to putting remote-access software on systems for years, while Maryland officials are seeking DHS' help after discovering a different contractor's Russian connection.

  • digital city (ShustrikS/

    5 use cases for smart city IoT

    A new white paper from Georgia Tech dives into IoT technology for municipal services, utilities, public safety, transportation and health care.

  • smart city (metamorworks/

    Citizen engagement and public service in the era of the IoT

    The internet of things is amplifying the number and variety of touchpoints available to reach citizens and giving municipalities access to data that can help shape service offerings.

  • blockchain (Andrew Derr/

    Bonds on the blockchain: Streamlined, low-cost, transparent funding

    Using blockchain to issue micro bonds that can be targeted to a neighborhood or a specific project offers cities a new way to speed their access to capital and improve their communities.

  • russian email hack (Bakhtiar Zein/

    Mueller indictment details hacks on state election systems

    The charges describe how two of the Russian conspirators hacked into computers at state offices and an election software supplier to steal voter data and other information.

  • cyber insurance concept (Jirsak/

    Cyber insurance: Can you afford not to have it?

    Cybersecurity insurance not only helps with expenses related to incident response, forensics and remediation, but it also helps keep agency security professionals on top of cyber defense.

  • mobile phone and city (ponsulak/

    Delivering citizen-centric state government

    State CIOs can take advantage of cloud, business intelligence and automation tools to meet the increasing expectations of a demanding citizenry.

  • voting scrutiny (Bakhtiar Zein/

    Senators push for increased elections security

    Although states are working to improve their elections systems security, some senators believe that there’s much more that could be done.

  • blockchain protected contracts

    Delaware to test blockchain for corporate filings

    The Delaware Department of State is working on two proofs of concept that leverage the distributed ledger technology for components of corporate filing processes.

  • Georgia Cyber Center

    Georgia invests in cybersecurity

    The Georgia Cyber Center is a collaborative space where state agencies, universities and industry will work together on the state’s greatest cybersecurity challenges.

  • A visualization of average carbon dioxide levels around the Salt Lake Valley, measured on the TRAX red and green lines between December 2014 and April 2017. (Logan Mitchell)

    Double duty: Utah puts sensors on public transit to monitor air quality

    Researchers at the University of Utah are using a train-mounted sensor to collect spatial and temporal data on air pollutants.

  • autonomous vehicles (Ico Maker/

    Paving the road for autonomous vehicles

    Governors can position their states as leaders in AV testing and adoption, a new report from the National Governors Association says.

Topic Resources

  • Understanding Data Center Modernization Options

    As government agencies modernize data centers, there are many options for complying with mandates, streamlining operations, and reducing costs. Cutting-edge technologies, such as Flash, paired with cloud operations, adds speed and efficiency. Modernizing data center management also can accelerate workload processing, optimize data analytics, and increase security.

  • Optimizing Federal Data Center Operations and Management

    In this white paper you’ll learn the advantages of data center optimization, and a step by step process to get there. Also, how federal data center optimization can help improve agency efficiencies, lower costs, centralize and increase security, and scale for quicker, more robust performance.

  • Public Sector Migration Handbook

    Government agencies have had their cloud migration ambitions challenged by stringent regulations, tightening budgets and mission critical workloads. Our guide was built to help public sector officials foresee and navigate challenges to ensure their cloud migration success.

  • PixelNet 2.0: The Pixel Perfect Platform

    On a large corporate campus for a major hardware manufacturer, the ability to display and manage audiovisual data is paramount. From real-time operations room video and security camera footage, to lobby signage, to streaming data and other A/V applications in conference rooms across multiple buildings, critical operations rely on accurate, real-time video data.

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  • Pushing cybersecurity for counties

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