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  • cigarette butts at the beach (Daleen Loest/

    Health agency looks to app for help with litter cleanup

    A Montana community is photographing cigarette-related litter to gather data for new policies related to tobacco use.

  • policy checklist

    State CIOs stress security, emerging tech and IT consolidation for 2018

    The National Association of State CIOs has outlined its legislative priorities, focusing on harmonizing federal cybersecurity regulations, recognizing state authority in emerging technology and ensuring safeguards for shared intergovernmental data.

  • drones over city (elwynn/

    When drones are part of the smart city network

    Flying sensor-laden drones will be a major contributor to a smart city's network, experts say.

  • LED street lights (Mikbiz/

    How states can nurture smart cities

    Some states are leveraging their purchasing and policy-making powers to make it easier for communities to adopt smart technology.

  • lady justice (icedmocha/

    Study: Sentencing software just as bad at predicting recidivism as untrained volunteers

    Researchers found that both a specialty algorithm and untrained volunteers were about 65 percent accurate in predicting recidivism.

  • traffic camera (FUN FUN PHOTO/

    Oklahoma seeks camera system to verify drivers' insurance

    The state is looking for a system that would analyze a photo of a license plate and run it against a database to find out if the vehicle’s owner is insured.

  • rural cell towers (Freelanceman/

    Reaching rural America with broadband internet service

    Is modest-speed internet appropriate for rural areas, or do rural Americans deserve access to the far faster service options available in urban areas?

  • mud slide (Lowe Llaguno/

    Deadly California mudslides show the need for maps and zoning that better reflect landslide risk

    Landslide hazard maps could help guide zoning decisions and better inform homeowners, banks and insurance companies of potential risks.

  • finding food poisoning through yelp reviews

    Finding food poisoning cases via Yelp reviews

    The New York City Health Department and Columbia University analyze Yelp comments for keywords indicating foodborne illness in the city.

  • fiber to the home (Olivier Le Moal/

    Report: Community broadband competitively priced

    Community internet service providers are providing better low-cost services than private competitors, research finds.

  • tags on cannabis seedlings (Metrc)

    California tracks marijuana from seed to sale

    The track-and-trace system uses RFID tags to ensure compliance and public health.

  • Karen Jackson (Virginia Secretary of Technology)

    Karen Jackson: The exit interview

    Virginia's outgoing secretary of technology talks about her work in cybersecurity, autonomous technology and smart communities.

  • America’s aging voting machines managed to survive another election

    Elections: Another unsecured enterprise application?

    With IT systems underpinning elections infrastructure, state officials are taking different approaches to secure their systems against growing threats.

  • drone over traffic accident (cla78/

    New York State Police launch drone program

    The State Police will begin using drones to support law enforcement missions, including disaster response and traffic safety.

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  • artificial intelligence (ktsdesign/

    Machine learning with limited data

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