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  • voting with paper ballots (Mikko Lemola/

    Stronger election security with less technology

    While installing layered defenses and purchasing more secure technology would help protect voting machines, less reliance on technology may be the best way to secure the electoral process.

  • mugs of beer (Patrick Thomas/

    ABC cops use apps to spot fake IDs

    Underage drinkers are using more sophisticated fake IDs, but alcohol enforcement officers in some states are using smartphone apps to scan driver’s licenses to help them quickly weed out the phonies.

  • people voting (Gino Santa Maria/

    5 ways to address election system weaknesses

    Vulnerable systems can undermine voters' confidence in the security of the process and expose sensitive voter data.

  • CIO (Panchenko Vladimir/

    OPM CIO heads to Michigan

    Office of Personnel Management CIO David DeVries will become Michigan's new CIO and director of the Department of Technology, Management and Budget.

  • swat team (bibiphoto/

    Military surplus transfer expands amid security concerns

    The Trump administration has lifted restrictions on the transfer of military hardware to law enforcement agencies amid watchdogs' call for tighter security.

  • Boston dashboard

    Boston dashboard tracks strategic goals

    The dashboard allows residents to track the progress of the city’s Imagine Boston 2030 initiative.

  • NYPD officer (

    NYPD ditches Windows phones

    The New York Police Department will be replacing its 36,000 Windows phones with iPhones.

  • adequacy of residential treatment facilities in Virginia (SAS)

    Virginia maps opioid response

    Color-coded heat maps show gaps in addiction treatment coverage so decision-makers can recruit more providers and push community outreach.

  • flooding from Hurricane Harvey (Defense Department)

    Unwanted drones, cellular outages complicate Harvey response

    Challenges from unauthorized drones in the air over the hurricane disaster zone and telecommunications outages are complicating response efforts as Harvey churns through Texas.

  • salem oregon eclipse map

    GIS, mobile-alert tech shine during eclipse

    Increased exposure to GIS and alerting apps from government and citizens alike during the eclipse may help broaden use of the technology.

  • facial recognition for drivers license

    NY's facial recognition program continues to nab fraudsters

    To date, the technology has flagged more than 21,000 cases of possible identity fraud.

  • community meeting (

    Communities forming around blockchain for government

    The Government Blockchain Association and DC Blockchain Center are bringing public- and private-sector officials together to leverage the technology in the government space.

  • surveillance camera (Vasin Lee/

    Smarter camera systems for better surveillance

    Software that builds video analysis intelligence into cameras will provide earlier alerts to public safety managers.

  • dispatcher (Gorodenkoff/

    Mining emergency calls to improve responses

    Powered by IBM's Watson, APCO IntelliComm will analyze emergency calls and give public-safety directors feedback for modifying training or response materials.

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  • Water Resources Recovery Facility aerial view (Mumfreesboro, Tenn.)

    Myriad missions for Murfreesboro drones