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  • connected home user (Nuttapol Sn/

    One-stop shopping for state services on its way

    A single portal that offers online services seamlessly would lower costs for states and make transactions easier for the public.

  • Water Resources Recovery Facility aerial view (Mumfreesboro, Tenn.)

    Myriad missions for Murfreesboro drones

    Murfreesboro became the first city in Tennessee to earn a Federal Aviation Administration certificate of authorization to fly unmanned aircraft systems.

  • Amazon Echo (pianodiaphragm/

    Georgia rolls out Alexa skill for government services

    Part of the state's multichannel digital strategy, Ask GeorgiaGov lets residents get answers about popular state services.

  • San Diego (Dancestrokes/

    San Diego turns to predictive analytics for asset management

    CIO Jonathan Behnke explains how the city's new platform will help it stay ahead of maintenance and coordinate operations across departments.

  • FEMA Urban Search & Rescue teams (FEMA)

    What's really slowing the restoration of Puerto Rico's communications?

    DHS' emergency communications director told legislators that the devastation to the island's communications infrastructure means "we’re totally having to rebuild Puerto Rico.”

  • Emergency TeleHealth and Navigation (ETHAN) Project (Panasonic Toughbook Toughpad/YouTube)

    Leveraging telemedicine to avoid ER visits

    First responders outfitted with tablets collect information on patients and can even initiate a video chat with an emergency physician, possibly avoiding a costly, unnecessary trip to the emergency room.

  • caltrans quickmap

    A mobile, multimedia, real-time traffic center

    With Caltrans QuickMap, users can find out how quickly traffic is moving on state highways, check camera feeds for real-time conditions, see lane closures and more.

  • plant inspections (Nolanberg11/

    Keeping inspectors connected

    New York's Plant Inspections mobile application syncs with a backend licensing system and automatically updates inspection records.

  • connected traffic (MicroOne/

    L.A. drives automated vehicle deployment with pre-qualified vendor pool

    The prequalified vendors will help the city keep pace with rapid developments in technology.

  • Aging voting machines cost local, state governments

    Report details election vulnerabilities uncovered at DEFCON

    A new report provides a detailed look at just how vulnerable the entire election system is to hacking and urges policymakers to shore up security gaps.

  • Ohio Interactive Budget

    Transforming statewide data sharing

    Ohio's self-service data-sharing and visualization platform helps share information among agencies.

  • smart public services (magic pictures/

    Why innovation has never been easier

    Governments are experimenting with personal digital assistants, chatbots and virtual reality, but innovation can also come from integrating data and existing services in new ways.

  • charting data (ESB Professional/

    Boston taps into data to find sources of economic inequality

    The Economic Mobility Lab will use quantitative and qualitative data to outline gaps in the city's economy and provide concrete steps to improve residents' economic prospects.

  • System scan (Robert Lucian Crusitu/

    Finding flaws in the system

    Missouri's Office of Cyber Security scans systems of enterprises that operate in the state to find common vulnerabilities.

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    What's government's role in AI?

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