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  • DHS nurtures wearable tech for responders

    Public safety tech accelerator debuts

    ResponderXLabs aims to give first responders better access to the public safety technology pipeline.

  • DOT funds anti-gridlock tech

    Can electricity use predict a bad morning commute?

    Data on household electricity consumption could help transit agencies predict morning traffic congestion, new research suggests.

  • mobile devices (Leonardo da/

    Frictionless access to city, county services

    The myWyco app breaks down stovepipes to erase the "blurry" line residents see between services provided by Kansas' Wyandotte County and Kansas City.

  • How local governments can better protect their data and applications

    Software-defined, zero-trust access can lighten the load of an understaffed, underequipped government security team.

  • mobile voting

    West Virginia to expand blockchain-based voting

    After a successful two-county test during the May primary election, the West Virginia secretary of state is planning to expand the effort in November.

  • drone hovering over traffic (cla78/

    Another use for drones: Investigating car wrecks

    Police are turning to unmanned aerial vehicles to take high-resolution photos for creating 3D models used by crash investigators.

  • facial recognition technology (

    Why confidence matters in facial recognition systems

    Concerns over the accuracy of facial recognition systems came under the spotlight when Amazon’s Rekognition incorrectly matched 28 members of Congress to criminal mugshots.

  • drones over city (elwynn/

    Bringing drones into a smart city network

    San Diego is combining its drone research with smart city efforts.

  • AI in data center (Gorodenkoff/

    The smarter city: Las Vegas tunes IT operations with AIOps

    To handle the complexity of a smart-city infrastructure, the city has begun applying machine learning and advanced analytics to the data coming from its IT operations.

  • voting (Barbara Kalbfleisch/

    Congress blocks election security funds for states, again

    Although Senate Democrats tried to add funding for states and localities to upgrade the security of their election systems, the measure was defeated.

  • typewriter and old papers (PongMoji/

    Ransomware calls for desperate measures – even typewriters

    A south-central borough in Alaska is the latest government to fall victim to far-reaching ransomware.

  • Businessman manipulating charts graphs standing above a city

    Analytics for city governments

    Cities will soon be required to master data analytics if they are to hold their own in the rapidly modernizing world, a new report says.

  • drones (I

    Nevada launches drone safety research center

    The Nevada Drone Center of Excellence for Public Safety aims to reduce air hazards from drones as they are integrated into the commercial air traffic system.

  • data science (chombosan/

    State data officers offer feedback on federal data strategy

    Given that state and local agencies are critical to the federal data pipeline, the State Chief Data Officers Network suggests closer collaboration with federal agencies.

Topic Resources

  • Understanding Data Center Modernization Options

    As government agencies modernize data centers, there are many options for complying with mandates, streamlining operations, and reducing costs. Cutting-edge technologies, such as Flash, paired with cloud operations, adds speed and efficiency. Modernizing data center management also can accelerate workload processing, optimize data analytics, and increase security.

  • Optimizing Federal Data Center Operations and Management

    In this white paper you’ll learn the advantages of data center optimization, and a step by step process to get there. Also, how federal data center optimization can help improve agency efficiencies, lower costs, centralize and increase security, and scale for quicker, more robust performance.

  • Public Sector Migration Handbook

    Government agencies have had their cloud migration ambitions challenged by stringent regulations, tightening budgets and mission critical workloads. Our guide was built to help public sector officials foresee and navigate challenges to ensure their cloud migration success.

  • The Rugged Truth: TCO of Rugged vs. Non-Rugged Computing Devices

    Are you trying to determine if a rugged notebook or tablet is right for your business? Technology Business Research, Inc.(TBR) found in their recent research, purchasers should understand the true value of their mobile computing by calculating the total cost of ownership to see if a switch to rugged systems is worthwhile. In order to help IT and organizational purchasers make the right computing investment, Dell and Intel® recently worked with VDC Research to understand the true total cost of ownership for rugged vs. non–rugged notebooks and tablets in harsh work environments. Read this white paper to see the costs associated with each scenario and to help you determine if a rugged solution would benefit your business.

  • Take Cybersecurity to the Next Level

    A top challenge for every government agency today is the effective management of cybersecurity risks. Protecting government information and citizens’ personal data has become more challenging as our networks and the amount of data on them has grown exponentially. In this Executive Insights, you’ll learn how a risk-based approach leveraging automation can provide a solid foundation to your agency’s cybersecurity posture.

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  • digital model of city (

    Why you need a digital twin

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