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  • DHS expands access to virtual cybersecurity training

    DHS expands access to virtual cybersecurity training

    The Department of Homeland Security expands its FedVTE program, giving state, local, tribal and territorial government employees free access to cybersecurity training.

  • Cook County locks down offender management

    Cook County locks down offender management

    The Offender360 jail management system gives the Illinois county security, stability and the data officials need to make better decisions.

  • Indiana: A showcase for the integration of visualization, mobility and analytics

    Indiana: A showcase for the integration of visualization, mobility and analytics

    By harnessing newly available data, mobile tools, cloud technology and personalized responses, Indiana has made significant improvements in the effective delivery of government services.

  • agencies test multimedia gateway for interoperable communications

    Agencies test Multimedia Gateway for interoperable comm

    The Multimedia Gateway is being tested as a quick fix for communications across government and first responder networks.

  • Worst-case scenarios: How new tech could disrupt government

    Worst-case scenarios: How new tech could disrupt government

    A recent Brookings Institute report highlights the challenges governments can expect from widespread adoption of new technologies such as autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence.

  • can states take advantage of fedramp

    Can states take advantage of FedRAMP?

    The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program is the law of the land for federal agencies looking to the cloud, but could FedRAMP become a broader standard for other governments as well?

  • red light camera

    Red light cameras up for debate

    While red light camera systems promise a revenue stream and safer intersections, some cities are not so sure.

  • tornado damage in Joplin Missouri

    DHS delivers geospatial data as a service for first responders

    The Department of Homeland Security pushes remote sensing imagery and GIS data through Terra Pixel to provide information to first responders.

  • how mobile apps affect the enterprise

    Behind the app: Integrating mobile into the enterprise

    Not all agencies have the back-end systems integration or maintenance resources to get the most out of customer-facing mobile apps.

  • cupertino upgrades enterprise resource planning system

    Cupertino cuts reporting time from two weeks to five minutes

    A new financial management and HR system offers highly flexible permissions, near-real-time reporting.

  • HHS emPower tool shows location of storms and people using electrically dependent medical equipment

    HHS launches mapping tool to protect at-risk Medicare patients

    The emPOWER Map helps communities and first responders identify and plan for those with electricity-dependent medical equipment who may need assistance in power outages.

  • returned mail costly to government

    Automated services key to containing mail costs

    Clean, validated data and automated processes can help agencies limit their exposure to costs associated with undelivered mail.

  • workforce management technology

    How small towns can access big ticket cloud services

    Workforce management technology might be beyond the budgets of smaller municipalities, but a shared services marketplace in Oakland County, Mich., puts it within reach.

  • Michigan GIS portal

    Michigan opens GIS portal

    The new GIS open data website provides a single point of entry for all the state’s open geospatial data.

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