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  • woman studying computer screen (Dragon Images/

    State officials push tech to combat child porn

    The Campaign for Child Rescue encourages the use of advanced technology to locate and rescue children from sexual exploitation and trafficking.

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    The secret source for cyber hires

    The Scholarship for Service program produces top-quality cyber graduates who have committed to work in government. It's federally funded, but state, local and tribal agencies can reap the benefits.

  • CommuteATL

    How Atlanta manages its new traffic headache

    CommuteATL, an online platform spun up after the I-85 bridge collapse, helps city officials manage traffic in near real time and provides live updates for drivers.

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    IoT is the glue holding our smart cities together

    The robust communications that smart cities are built on requires systematic evaluation and benchmarking to ensure effective delivery of public services.

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    Lafayette taps IoT for air quality data

    City government, industry and university partners are building an interactive smart city platform for Lafayette, La.

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    A data-driven approach to deciding on infrastructure investments

    By modeling the flow -- of freight, commuters, money or anything else -- across each link of a network, researchers can show where investment will be most beneficial and which projects shouldn’t happen at all.

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    HHS funds states’ fight against opioids

    The Department of Health and Human Services will distribute $485 million in grants to all 50 states to support evidence-based prevention, treatment and recovery services.

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    Can IT help cure the opioid crisis?

    Government agencies and public health organizations are working to develop new tools to share pertinent health care data among providers and, in some cases, to predict the path of a user about to return to a life of opioid abuse.

  • Cities, states seek to protect immigrants’ data from federal officials

    Cities, states seek to protect immigrants’ data from federal officials

    In a political atmosphere that is increasingly hostile to immigrants, concerns grow over the vulnerability of data used for state or municipal ID programs.

  • security of financial systems

    Closing the gap between technology and public policy

    States are taking the lead, but are they equipped to address the complex issues of cybersecurity?

  • digital archiving (Andrea Danti/

    Archiving tips for public sector agencies

    Although saving time and money are two major factors that go into selecting an automated archiving solution, look for one that will make responding to records requests easier.

  • tech, funding and oversight

    The big lift to NG 911

    Coordinating the transition to next-generation 911 technology requires funding and oversight.

  • Household hazardous waste sorting with Smarter Sorting (Charlie Vallely)

    How data management can cut cities’ hazardous waste costs

    A startup’s sorting technology can help cities reduce the costs associated with disposing of household hazardous waste.

  • broadband (alphaspirit/

    Is there room for broadband in the Trump infrastructure agenda?

    If the Trump administration does not make broadband access a priority, it risks missing an opportunity to invest in a proven economic engine for the country.

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  • Making multifactor authentication work

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