Public Safety

FirstNet boosts in-building coverage

A new investment in the responder network will facilitate one of the most desired improvements.

NJ combats vehicle theft with license plate readers

New Jersey will expand its network of high-speed automated cameras to crack down on record numbers of stolen cars.

Pushing the envelope on drones for indoor emergency response

Participants in NIST’s First Responder UAS Indoor Challenge will design, build and fly a cost-effective, easily flyable drone solution to help search and rescue teams gain better situational awareness prior to entering a building.

Choosing the right mobile tech to enhance first responder workflows

Flexible and modular devices can improve responders’ efficiency and situational awareness while future-proofing a municipality’s investments.

Advancing public safety by protecting critical infrastructure

Integrated and collaborative systems improve situational awareness and help responders quickly detect and contain threats.

AI app fills last-mile GPS gap for responders digitized the paper maps responders mark with detailed information on hydrant locations, building exits and other crucial data, ran machine learning algorithms on them, geocoded them and passed them through a human review process to verify the data.

Security equipment rebates aim to boost community safety

Chicago is offering residents and businesses rebates on security cameras, cloud storage and GPS-based vehicle trackers.

Drone inspects subway tunnels after nearby building collapse

After the collapse of a parking garage over subway tunnels, officials in Boston used a drone to assess conditions before sending in a team of structural engineers for in-depth inspections.

Police look to doorbell cameras to reduce crime

Through a community network of doorbell cameras, officials in Winnebago County, Illinois, hope to get faster notification of suspicious activity and improve criminal investigations.

1-in-6 election officials report being threatened

In addition, 77% of those surveyed said the harassment is increasing and that they need more support from federal and local governments, a recent report shows.

Proposed bill would let people know when law enforcement is surveilling them

The legislation would require law enforcement to disclose surveillance orders covering digital communications, such as e-mails and search histories, as well as more traditional calls and wiretaps. 

3G sunset could impact public safety services

Public safety services that depend on the older network, like transit information displays, school buses and medical alert devices, will be affected.

State upgrades mass alert system

Emergency managers in Iowa can now automatically push out safety alerts through emails, text messages, phone calls, RSS feeds and social media -- and in multiple languages.

Election officials say safety threats may drive away poll workers

Three out of five administrators in a new study said they worried that threats, harassment and intimidation would make it harder to recruit new workers. Officials nationwide back that up.

Claim your roadkill with 511 app

The Wyoming Department of Transportation’s 511 app now has a feature that walks users through the process of applying to the Department of Game and Fish to claim and collect roadkill.

DHS lines up emerging tech for responder evaluation

At this summer's Urban OpEx 2022 exercise in New York City, responders will test a range of technologies – from biometric sensors and robotics to air-quality monitors and video analytics.

The Park Police’s ‘dilapidated’ D.C. dispatch office puts safety at risk, an IG says 

The center's old and defective technology does not have necessary safety features, lacks caller ID location features and is unable to allow instant playbacks of public safety phone and radio communications, which the Interior Department’s policy requires, the IG stated. 

FEMA maps hugely underestimate US flood damage risk

Machine learning models predicted an additional 790,000 square miles of land at flood risk beyond what FEMA’s maps showed.