Public Safety

Camera, sensor, drone data lights up disaster response

ALERTCalifornia’s network will provide actionable natural disaster data for public safety agencies and researchers responding to wildfires, floods, landslides and other climate-driven events.

With updated data profiles, opioid detectors ID latest drugs

Thanks to a federal partnership, the portable detectors will get upgraded drug profiles, and their manufacturers will provide those new drug reference libraries to public safety agencies that already possess a detection device.

How sports data can help public safety agencies up their game

Technology originally developed for athletes can help public safety agencies to track first responders’ performance during training to sharpen real-life mission efficiency.

Finding the right drone for the job

With MITRE’s Drone Selector, public safety agencies input their desired tasks and locality to see details on all drones that meet their requirements and can operate under current state and local regulations.

‘Tide is going out’ on election deniers, scrutinized Georgia official says

While conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election are waning, they’re still shaping policies about election administration in many parts of the country.

Twitter turmoil prompts agencies to plan for social media upsets

Agencies must find ways to adapt to changes in Twitter’s operations to ensure residents still receive the information they need, experts say.

VR drives next-gen situational awareness for public safety

The winner of NIST’s challenge developed a digital twin of a command center that gives remote users access to the center’s large-format video walls and 3D tools through a head-mounted display.

Wanted: 3D mapping drones for indoor search and rescue

NIST’s Public Safety Communications Research Division is looking for an affordable solution that will give public safety drone operators accurate indoor positioning and high-quality 3D digital mapping in real time.

How digital twins can enrich emergency response

With their advanced simulation and predictive analytics capabilities, digital twins can give responders a common operating picture with real-time, integrated information.

What is Discord? An internet researcher explains the social media platform at the center of Pentagon leak of top-secret intelligence

A 21-year-old Guardsman in the U.S. Air Force National Guard was arrested Thursday in connection to the leak of national security intel on the popular social media platform Discord.

NYPD pilots GPS darts, autonomous patroller and reintroduces robot dog

An autonomous security robot, GPS-enabled projectiles that attach to fleeing vehicles and the agile DigiDog are helping transform public safety in New York City.

NextGen TV to deliver data-rich emergency alerts

A pilot program based in Washington, D.C., will leverage the new ATSC 3.0 digital broadcast standard to deliver advanced emergency information to residents.

A mobile-first approach enhances police operations

With mobile devices tapping into its police-only internet, the Lenexa Police Department can log and share data quicker as well as track crime trends and officer locations for more efficient police responses.

AI helps responders mine social media for public safety insights

An artificial intelligence platform analyzes social media photos and texts to give responders more situational awareness.

NextGen TV, pagers transmit enhanced emergency data to responders

A field test of digital broadcast TV and prototype pagers is giving responders across North Carolina access to audio, images, video and GIS data.

New federal website offers grants info and research to counter domestic terrorism 

A one-stop shop for state and local governments offers grant funding opportunities and research to support efforts against domestic terrorism.

Resident data profiles trigger targeted emergency response

First responders can save time and resources when they have access to resident information such as existing medical conditions or their home layout.

3 applications driving 5G in public safety

5G’s network capacity, internet-of-things support and low latency will power the emerging technologies responders have been waiting for.