Public Safety

FirstNet posts resource guide for emergency managers

A new report guides public-safety emergency managers through the features and functions of the dedicated nationwide wireless broadband network.

Napa County installs AI-based early fire detection

The pole-mounted artificial intelligence-based system uses optical and heat sensors to detect and analyze smoke plumes that indicate fire.

How the Deepfake Task Force can improve the emergency alert system

Standards established by the Deepfake Task Force will enable the creation of a more powerful, flexible and reliable emergency alert system that can create messages in hundreds of languages and dialects – via text, audio or video.

AI on the line: Monitoring prisoners’ phone calls for criminal intent

Speech-recognition technology, semantic analytics and machine learning can flag phone calls in near real time that contain conversations that point to violence or criminal behavior.

How crisis management tech helps emergency managers prepare for active shooter incidents

Incident management technology’s time-saving collaboration gives first responders and hospital staff more time to focus on life-saving efforts and allows emergency managers to review details of the event and find potential areas for improvement.

Outside reviews can limit bias in forensic algorithms, GAO says

Independent evaluations that can establish scientific validity will curtail the impact of biases and human error during forensic investigations, the watchdog agency says.

Communications board digs into Christmas bombing outage

In the wake of the Nashville Christmas bombing that disrupted regional telecom service, the Tennessee Emergency Communications Board has been working with AT&T to ensure a more resilient 911 network.

Keeping communities safe as public spaces reopen

To ensure the safety of residents, agencies should implement communication and collaboration platforms that enable targeted emergency notifications and streamline coordination between responder teams.

The emergency 911 system where callers still don’t always get proper CPR instructions

It’s taken two years and $1.2 million to get Rhode Island’s 911 system ready to provide CPR and other medical instructions to callers. The system should be working in June. Rhode Island is the last state in New England to provide this service.

Why Android is emerging as the OS of choice for public safety

Android-based enterprise-grade mobile devices offer more security, productivity and lifecycle benefits than legacy solutions.

NH rolls out statewide community response network

The multimedia collaboration platform allows public safety agencies, public safety answering points, hospitals, colleges and universities to securely share data, voice and video on-demand.

FirstNet expands coverage to 2.7 million square miles

FirstNet added nearly 100,000 square miles of coverage in 2020, bringing the nationwide wireless broadband public-safety network’s communications capabilities to a total of 15,000 subscribing agencies. 

FirstNet expands product, services portfolio

New services expand coverage in rural areas, give first responders vertical-axis location data and provide interoperability between land mobile radios and push-to-talk devices.

NC registry to track COVID among responders

Monitoring the number of positive COVID-19 cases, quarantines and vaccinated personnel will help North Carolina officials allocate appropriate resources to keep responders safe.

The tech first responders really want

Dispatchers, firefighters, police and emergency medical services teams want the devices they already have to work better.

Many state capitols have security holes

With less than two-thirds of state capitol buildings employing metal detectors, and about 20 statehouses specifically allowing guns inside, there are many security gaps that rioters could exploit.

The uncomfortable questions facing Capitol Police over the security breach by MAGA mob

To many policing experts this was nothing short of an international embarrassment for American law enforcement and a searing indictment of a police department that appeared to be caught completely unprepared.