Accessibility pays off with savings, preventative care

In building, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services addressed an increasingly tech-savvy population and a mandate to cut costs.

Labor app contests promote data accessibility

Two Department of Labor app contests with a total of $70,000 in prizes available have been announced.

Story time: An adventure in government land

Some communications experts say that Web-based games could help more people get a better grasp on the workings of government.

Crowdsourcing: Government by the people?

Some state and municipal governments around the country are bringing people into the decision-making process with crowdsourcing sites.

7 social media resolutions to keep in the new year

Want to make the most of social networking without getting overwhelmed by the volume of data or compromising security? Here are resolutions worth keeping.

Treasury builds its new website in the cloud brings the agency to the cloud and integrates many new features of Gov. 2.0 and is a step forward in using new technologies to improve efficiency and transparency.

On the hunt for great public-sector websites

Know of any great public-sector websites? GCN wants to hear about them.

Albuquerque lets it all hang out with data

The city is trying to change New Mexico's reputation for poor transparency with its ABQ View website, which provides a comprehensive look at how it collects and spends its money.

Dozens of federal agencies check in at Foursquare

The Foursquare geographic social media site is chock-full tips for visitors to federal buildings.

Decision on using persistent cookies coming soon, Fed CIO says

OMB could make a decision by next month on whether federal agencies can use persistent cookies on their Web sites.

State Department social network in the works

The State Department will be launching its own social network for employees and diplomatic officials.

Satisfaction with Gov Web sites remains strong

The Obama administration's Open Government Initiative spurs increase in satisfaction, ForeSee Report says.

SSA turns to online apps to keep up with boomer claims

An aging workforce, retiring baby boomers and a poor economy are forcing SSA to innovate with new technology to keep up with the demand, the agency's commissioner tells a House subcommittee.

Tricare extends Web-based mental health counseling demo

The Tricare Assistance Program allows enrollees to use the Internet and a webcam to speak "face-to-face" with mental health counselors 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the privacy of the beneficiary's computer.

Agencies too often overlook a key step to better multilingual sites

Larry Freed, president of ForeSee Results, writes: Users, no matter what language they speak, are the best resource for knowing what improvements to make to a Web site.

User feedback is important, but only part of developing a Web site

GSA's co-managers Laura Godfrey and Leilani respond to Larry Freed's commentary: Should best practices for building a Web site in other languages be solely based on customer satisfaction? Not necessarily. As in most cases, there is more to the story.

Game changer: Open Government Directive puts new onus on agencies

White House lays out new data transparancy mandates—with deadlines.