Apple iPhone

App breaks through the mobile compatibility wall

The Citrix Receiver app can keep agencies' mobile devices securely connected regardless of platforms.

Free app brings the database to iPhones, iPads

FileMaker Go 12 will display your database optimally for mobile devices, though only for those running iOS.

Gauss malware, Apple iPhone show what encryption can do

Agencies wondering whether to encrypt their data or mobile devices should take note of the trouble encryption is giving security researchers and the worries it gives the Justice Department.

Great mobile app: Census data you can actually use

The America's Economy app goes beyond being a window into a database, it provides a stream of important, regularly updated reports accompanied by graphs.

iPad, iPhone's kernel-up security could be a better bet for gov

At Black Hat, Apple's security chief gave a rare look into how the company hardens its iOS operating system.

Reporting potholes in Minneapolis? There's an app for that

Minneapolis upgrades its citizen services with a new mobile reporting system that put the city network in the cloud.

With new recruiting app, the Army is going to tempt me yet

The Army releases a Web comic app for iPhone and Android that describes what it's like to be a soldier in the Army.

Apple quits green IT program, putting government sales at risk

The company pulled its products from EPEAT, which is required for federal and other government buys. But the iPad and iPhone are exempt, for now at least.

The 10 best federal mobile apps

Agencies are building digital government one app at a time. Here's a look at the best of the current crop.

Siri, is this the end of all-you-can-eat bandwidth?

The days of unlimited wireless Internet plans are rapidly drawing to a close, and all those great mobile apps are to blame.

iPhone app programs your dreams

Sigmund, developed by a Harvard Ph.D. student, repeats selected words while you sleep.

VA looks beyond iPad pilot to 'hyper portable' era

The department is planning beyond its current mobile device pilot test for the day it fields as many as 100,000 mobile devices across the enterprise.

Will the iPhone 5 be made of Terminator-like liquid metal?

The next iPhone reportedly will be made of Liquidmetal, a material that might not do everything the T-1000 could but is still like nothing you've ever seen.

'Elite' hacker done in by everyday iPhone function

A hacker who posted racy photos gloating about his hack of police officers' home addresses didn't realize the pictures were GPS-tagged and time-stamped.

Tool can stop texting while driving in its tracks

Cellcontrol plugs into a user's vehicle and shuts its assigned phone off if the vehicle is moving, making it easy to enforce mobile policies.

VA beefs up smart-phone pilot program

The VA has expanded its pilot project to provide Washington, D.C.-area clinical personnel with iPhones and iPads.

New Apple tool helps configure, manage iPhones and iPads

The Apple Configurator is designed to help organizations manage large deployments.