1 in 5 Macs infected with (Windows) malware, study finds

The malware won't cause damage unless you're running Windows, but Sophos' study also found malware written for Mac OS X.

New malware targeting Mac OS X a 'wake-up call' for Apple users

The recently discovered SabPub and LuckyCat exploit Word vulnerabilities and are a sign Mac users need to get wise about patching, security experts say.

Flashback infections of Apple's OS X prove no one is safe

It has taken months, but fixes for the most prolific malware to hit the Apple OS have arrived, and the infection rate for Flashback is dropping.

ATF to drop BlackBerrys and switch to iPhones

The agency joins the march away from RIM products, which were once ubiquitous in government.

Google: Claims of bypassing Safari security settings 'mischaracterized'

The search giant defends itself against claims of subverting Safari, as Microsoft says IE's settings were also bypassed.

Not everyone can play in Apple's sandbox

Software developers could have a more difficult time getting approval for mobile apps because of new restrictions announced by Apple.

Is it inevitable that Apple will take over the enterprise?

As evidenced by its record-shattering earnings report, Apple is making significant inroads in the enterprise. Could what was once an unimaginable prospect now be certain?

Why Androids are less secure than iPhones

It's not the phones, it's the apps: Android's popularity and lax security controls make it the most popular target for malware, according to McAfee Labs.

Adobe abandoning Flash for mobile, vindicating Steve Jobs

The company says it will end development of Flash for mobile browsers, concentrating on Adobe AIR and HTML5; Jobs had objected to Flash and predicted HTML5 would win.

'Largest' ID theft ring, trading in Apple products, busted in NY

A multiethnic identity theft ring in Queens used stolen and forged credit card data to buy and resell Apple electronics.

Steve Jobs tributes reflect the spirit of innovation

The tributes that poured in from around the world reveal the impact he had on information technology and modern culture.

Scammers waste no time exploiting Jobs’ death

A post on Facebook offering 50 free iPads in memory of Apple's leader was one example of how cynical scammers exploit people's emotions.

Steve Jobs' government legacy: Citizen-centric computing

Jobs' ability to craft tools for intensely personal computing helped spark direct citizen-to-government computing.

Apple iPhone 4S gets smart, talks back

New smart phone features the artificial intelligence-powered Siri, a talking, learning personal assistant.

Amazon selling Kindle Fire at a loss, putting heat on other tablet-makers

Amazon's Gillette model for its $199 tablet is putting pressure on other device-makers to lower their prices.

The missing iPhone 5: Hoax or happenstance?

Another iPhone goes missing from Apple, but did it really?

TouchPad frenzy holds a lesson; should Apple be worried?

The $99 price is no business model, but cracking the artificial $499 barrier could be the HP tablet's real legacy.