Building scalable, cost-effective application security

COMMENTARY | Automated scanning and remediation platforms can identify, fix and prevent security gaps and vulnerabilities at the software application and development levels.

NASA tests autonomous aircraft decision tech in Arizona cities

The agency is aiming to help air vehicles respond to anomalies—such as weather changes—faster, as the vehicles are used to provide essential services.

A survey of over 17,000 people indicates only half of us are willing to trust AI at work

Employees are more comfortable with artificial intelligence for task automation compared with monitoring, performance management and human resources purposes, the survey finds.

Understanding why government automation projects fail

COMMENTARY | A deep, data-driven analysis of workflows will give agencies a true, accurate and unbiased picture of actual operations and show where automation can streamline processes.

What are the pros and cons of digital workers?

Organizations should consider the costs—and ethics—of implementing an artificial intelligence-enabled workforce.

Michigan embraces ‘Clean Slate’ program without applications

State officials aim to automatically expunge certain criminal records to remove hurdles to jobs and housing.

AI-enabled robots may increase recycling, workplace safety

Automating the recycling sorting process can increase waste management efficiency and play a valuable role in reducing environmental contamination.

County streamlines business taxes, licensing

Clark County, Nevada, will be able to issue a consolidated tax invoice for its businesses, automate workflows and seamlessly review licensing applications.

An ‘automation-first mentality’ boosts customer service, reduces strain on staff

After the Avondale, Arizona, IT department automated its IT service desk, other departments are lining up to see how they can take advantage of the technology.

California looks to reshape recycling IT

CalRecycle is planning an enterprisewide system that can track, regulate and monitor recyclables.

Automation key to vulnerability management, CISA says

By automating vulnerability disclosure, organizations can more easily categorize their exposure and limit impacts.