AV or Display Equipment

Big-screen punch, small-screen power consumption

The ViewSonic VA2451m LED has all the advantages of a 24-inch monitor but with the power consumption of a smaller display.

An eco-friendly LCD that doesn't cheat on performance

NEC's 22-inch EA223WM-BK LCD combines good performance with the lowest power use of any monitor the lab has tested.

BoxLight can make any projector interactive

If you are considering an interactive projector, the OutWrite 1.4 will save you some money by working with the one you already have.

NYC to try replacing pay phones with touch-screen kiosks

An upcoming pilot program in New York City will test the feasibility of replacing pay phones with interactive information kiosks.

Botnet tracker locates zombies inside federal agencies

At FOSE, a system that depicts botnet infections, including within agencies, and other new products show that innovation is alive and well.

This projector brings high-def video to life

The ViewSonic PJD5523w makes use of its HDMI port to bring cutting-edge graphics and sounds from source to screen.

NEC's mega LCD a video virtuoso from wall to wall

The NEC X551S is a 55-inch, high-fidelity display that can be chained together with others to create a massive wall of light.

DARPA developing contact lenses with 'Terminator'-like abilities

The Defense Department wants to give warfighters science-fiction grade contact lenses that would allow them to magnify distant objects and overlay their vision with battlefield data.

Paper-thin, 55-inch TV could show the future of monitors

LG Electronics will show off its organic LED monitor at CES, which could mean the technology is finally ready for prime time.

Plug-and-play graphics to rule one day

Although not perfect, the Accell UltraVideo USB 2.0 to DVI-I Adapter shows there is a lot of power in cables, if we know how to use them.

A rare 3-D monitor that’s also good at 2-D

The Acer HN274H LCD Monitor displays brilliant 3-D without sacrificing 2-D performance, and does it at a great price.

Can 'Jailhouse Heat' save 3-D?

The adult entertainment industry has a history of influencing technology choices.

The 11 best products of 2011

The GCN Lab picks the top 10 IT products of the year, plus one overall winner.

'Light field' camera lets you shoot first, focus later

The Lytro camera, developed by image scientist Ren Ng, captures light fields that are assembled into images later and could change how we take pictures.

What's in your closet: The electronic clutter that surrounds us

While moving to a new office, the Lab uncovers long-forgotten, even mysterious, devices. Don't you have them in your office, too?

NEC MultiSync monitor looks stunning — despite eco quirkiness

The NEC MultiSync EA232WMi-BK LCD monitor looks fantastic but is heavy-handed in its attempt to be environmentally friendly.

A whiteboard you can take everywhere, without carrying it

With the eBeam Edge and a projector, you can create an interactive whiteboard on any flat surface. Price is its only downside.