Battlespace IT

Army working to streamline networking efforts

The Army's new acquisition and evaluation process is beginning to show results as the service identifies shortcomings and rolls out new systems to troops.

DOD's move to Android started with DARPA apps program

Among the next challenges: ensuring connectivity and security in the field.

DISA knocks down defense network boundaries, makes them anew

DISA is changing the way it provides network and communications services to warfighters by focusing on forces operating in the most disadvantaged areas of the Defense Department's communications network.

Army takes aim at C2 battlefield tech

The Army is developing and improving command and control technologies to help make its warfighters more effective in the field.

Combat simulation training critical to saving lives

At Camp Pendleton's Battle Simulation Center, Marines are trained in operational support using simulation tools that recreate combat to ensure they are mission ready.

Top tech advances for 2012

From invisible tanks to radar that can see through walls, the GCN Lab's coverage this year points to some jaw-dropping technology developments in 2012.

Nanotube paint could make invisible aircraft a reality

Nanotubes can be configured to create the blackest black, rendering an object invisible to radar or vision at night, researchers say. You wouldn't even be able to see Wonder Woman sitting inside.

Sensors for drones? DARPA wants an app for that.

Mobile developers who have worked on apps to help people find restaurants and buy movie tickets could soon be working on smart-phone apps to help the military fly its drones.

The 11 best products of 2011

The GCN Lab picks the top 10 IT products of the year, plus one overall winner.

Need an explosives detector? Just print one out.

Georgia Tech researchers have developed a way to print nanotube-based explosives sensors from an inkjet printer.

What's in your closet: The electronic clutter that surrounds us

While moving to a new office, the Lab uncovers long-forgotten, even mysterious, devices. Don't you have them in your office, too?

Army readies major overhaul of logistics support

The new enterprise logistics system, one of DOD's largest ERP deployments, would allow soldiers to track deliveries of vital supplies to the battlefield.

DARPA loses contact with aircraft traveling at Mach 20

Hopes for successful use of a hypersonic vehicle to aid the Defense Department's Prompt Global Strike plan were dimmed by a second unsuccessful test Aug. 11.

10 agency projects win 2011 GCN Awards

The winning project teams, selected from more than 200 nominated, combined leadership and technical innovation with a determination to improve services and cut costs.

Where will you be when the lights go out?

The Product of the Month for August is the SSGKRP-1 Uninterrupted Power Supply from Falcon Electric, a UPS with brains and brawn.

How military can lighten its load to create mobile data centers

Mobile forces can take advantage of virtualization, software tools and services used in garrison and base data centers to bring communications to the field.

Mobile devices propel geospatial intell into warfighters' hands

The emergence of powerful, portable consumer products is helping the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency get imagery into the hands of warfighters.