BlackBerry BES 10.2 takes on enterprise BYOD

New features for enterprise mobile management include API and update support for iOS and Android.

With Q10, BlackBerry makes a last stand for agency users

With an old-school keyboard, BlackBerry security and new management features, the Q10 meets government's twin demands for productivity and personalization.

BlackBerry Q10 features a real keyboard, smart ID card support

The company's new phone harkens to the days of old with a physical keyboard, while adding new functionality and security features with Version 10.1 of the OS.

App company brings collaboration to BlackBerry 10

The company's app for BlackBerry gives users full Office 365 and on-premise SharePoint functionality.

DOD OKs BlackBerry, Android devices, expanding its mobile options

The department approves Security Technical Implementation Guides for BlackBerry smart phones and tablets with BES 10, along with Samsung's Android Knox.

Does BlackBerry Z10 have the goods for government?

The new smart phone's security features could be what keeps BlackBerrys in the hands of government employees.

Tips for moving BlackBerrys along with e-mail to the cloud

At EPA, Lockheed Martin put BlackBerry users through pilot tests before transitioning them to the cloud.

BES 10's release paves the way for new BlackBerry devices

RIM's server software for the new OS will support Android and iOS devices, along with all the new features in BlackBerry 10.

ICE gives BlackBerry 10 a chance with pilot program

The agency, which two months ago signaled a major move toward iPhones, will test RIM's new OS early in 2013.

BlackBerry’s blacklist: 106 passwords you can't use

RIM's long-awaited BlackBerry 10 OS contains a blacklist of passwords that users will not be allowed to use. Maybe it's not a great idea, but it's a good one.

Are rumors of BlackBerry's death greatly exaggerated?

The National Transportation Safety Board is the latest agency to drop BlackBerrys for iPhones, but you might not want to shovel dirt on RIM just yet.

Test drive: BlackBerry 10 has the features for work/life balance

Centralized messaging, integrated calendar, predictive text and segregated work and personal functions are aimed at helping RIM maintain a hold in the enterprise.

BlackBerry 10 earns FIPS certification prior to release

Research in Motion has announced that its upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform is now FIPS 140-2 certified.

Is government losing its taste for BlackBerry?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has dealt the latest blow, announcing that more than 17,000 users will switch from the BlackBerry to iPhone.

Will BYOD-friendly Balance keep BlackBerry in the government fold?

The feature lets you keep work and personal information separate, and could appeal to IT managers.

iPhone erodes BlackBerry's last enterprise edge – security

IT administrators, noting steady improvements to the iPhone's security since its debut, are finding fewer reasons to hold on to BlackBerry.

RIM wants your BlackBerry to be your access badge

HID Global has a service that would let users replace ID credentials and tokens with their BlackBerry phones. Could it work in a government enterprise?