How blockchain can improve digital evidence collection and collaboration

Blockchain offers an immutable chain of custody that guarantees data integrity, prevents fraud and provides a transparent, auditable system of record for digital assets related to investigations.

How states can prepare for the rise of cryptocurrency

COMMENTARY | By clarifying crypto tax requirements and thinking longer term about blockchain use cases, states can be ready for the distributed, decentralized internet.

New Hampshire could play ‘leading role’ in promoting blockchain, report says

A governor’s commission said it is an “important technological innovation,” and recommended the state play a robust regulatory role to support its growth.

What’s next in government tech

Blockchain, artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality offer agencies new opportunities, but modernizing legacy infrastructure will be key, a recent report says.

State gets ready to capitalize on blockchain

A Texas work group found opportunities for the technology in smart contracts, records management and governance models.

Cryptocurrency miners line up to come to Texas, and rural counties are welcoming them

Eager to bring new jobs to their towns and boost their tax base, rural Texas counties are courting companies that produce cryptocurrencies.

What is proof-of-stake? A computer scientist explains a new way to make cryptocurrencies, NFTs and metaverse transactions

Proof-of-stake as a consensus mechanism may be more energy efficient for blockchain systems, one expert says.

New York state pumps the brakes on crypto mining

With the value of cryptocurrency dropping and environmental concerns moving front and center, New York considers a two-year pause on fossil-fuel powered crypto mining operations.

Research uncovers vulnerabilities in blockchain tech, non-secure crypto transactions

Mutability within some decentralized ledger technologies prompted researchers' concerns over the security of cryptocurrency transactions.

Mayors endorse emerging technologies at annual conference

City leaders staked out positions related to drones, public safety, broadband, renewable energy, blockchain technology and more at their 90th annual conference.

In search of a more energy-efficient blockchain

Researchers have built a blockchain whose proof-of-work solves energy use optimization problems, possibly offsetting wasted compute power.

Better public-private partnerships could prevent major ransomware attacks, crypto insiders say

Cryptocurrency industry execs stressed their commitment to collaborating with law enforcement to track ransomware payments.

Reno mayor touts potential of blockchain, NFTs as city embarks on new pilot programs

At the U.S. Conference of Mayors' annual meeting Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve encouraged her peers from across the country to explore digital ventures and crypto transactions.

Reno pilots blockchain for historic registry

The city’s “Biggest Little Blockchain” will allow landowners, developers, city employees and the public to access the same record through the online platform.

Cities that hyped crypto are now contending with the crash

This month's cryptocurrency market meltdown is raising new questions about how far local governments and public officials should go getting involved with the virtual asset.

Can New York court and regulate the crypto industry at the same time?

Some state lawmakers are making enemies in the cryptocurrency industry as Eric Adams tries to woo it.

Report: 4 cybercrime stats to watch

Romance scams are on the rise and so is cryptocurrency theft.