Deadlines approach for billions in broadband funding

The federal grant programs will support state and local efforts to expand high-speed internet access and improve digital equity.

State broadband map delivers granular connectivity data

Officials in New York can now use address-level data to better identify homes and businesses lacking access to affordable broadband.

Mayors endorse emerging technologies at annual conference

City leaders staked out positions related to drones, public safety, broadband, renewable energy, blockchain technology and more at their 90th annual conference.

States must ramp up to administer broadband funding

A new McKinsey report says states have a huge opportunity, but they will need a dedicated team to map existing broadband availability, address digital equity requirements and manage grants and funding.

States look to electric utilities for broadband connections

New York, Arkansas and Florida and their partners are taking advantage of utilities’ existing fiber-optic networks to spur middle-mile broadband connections.

Hearing examines human side of telecom bills

While equitable broadband access was a recurring point of discussion during the hearing, several witnesses discussed the critical role broadband plays in public health and safety.

Biden administration official offers tips for tapping broadband funds

Andy Berke, a senior broadband advisor, spoke to state and local officials about $45 billion in pending federal money to expand high-speed internet service.

NYC rips out last pay phones

The last public pay phone in New York City was removed as the city makes way for LinkNYC kiosks that offer free nationwide calling, Wi-Fi, charging ports, 911 access and more.

Biden administration launches new component to internet expansion

The Internet for All program utilizes funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill to deploy internet connectivity nationwide.

Biden administration releases $45B for broadband to states

Guidance for the infrastructure program says states must make affordable broadband available to the middle class, too, and cannot exclude cities from being considered for the funding.

Internet service essentially free for millions under new Biden program

With a discount already in place, 20 companies have agreed to offer service for $30 a month. Advocacy groups are hoping states will adopt similar pricing requirements. 

Lawmakers request agency support in broadband rollouts

Democrats from the House Energy and Commerce Committee asked the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to help make good on broadband development with Bipartisan Infrastructure funding.

Bridging the digital divide with American Rescue Plan Act funding

One year after ARPA was signed, states, cities and counties are making meaningful progress to expand broadband access.

How states can streamline broadband grant administration

A new playbook aims to help states understand their broadband needs, determine which projects deserve priority and design and run a successful state grant program.

Biden's municipal broadband push clashes with state restrictions

The new infrastructure law says states can't exclude municipalities from broadband funds. But many block localities from operating internet networks. Will the Biden administration try to strongarm states into changing their policies?

Commerce gives over $277 million in grants to build out broadband

Millions were dispersed across 12 states and territories to develop stronger internet infrastructure, a key mission in the Biden administration agenda.