FCC releases wireless broadband map

The Federal Communications Commission released what it called “the first ever standardized look” at mobile broadband coverage from the U.S.’s largest wireless providers.

California funds broadband infrastructure expansion

A $6 billion multi-year investment will support construction of a state-owned, open-access middle-mile fiber network and last-mile projects.

How smart cities gain traction

The ability to manage citizen expectations and bridge the digital divide are key to integrating smart city pilot programs into new communities, experts say.

Broadband infrastructure, cost issues hobble state expansion efforts

Inadequate minimum broadband speeds and affordability issues make it hard to close the digital divide, state broadband experts say.

Looking at broadband availability data over time

Researchers at Michigan State University have by developed a methodology for integrating Form 477 broadband coverage data with decennial census counts.

Under social distancing, rural regions push for more broadband

As the coronavirus pandemic lays bare America’s digital divide, some advocates argue that now is the time to make a big, bold investment in the country’s broadband infrastructure.

Could 5G cause GPS problems?

DOD technology officials blasted a FCC decision to allow a commercial wireless firm to come online despite possible interference with GPS transmissions.

4 steps to better broadband services

Municipal leaders can develop quick and cost-effective plans to boost capacity of consumer networks for this immediate crisis and provide a blueprint for the future.

Kentucky’s $1.5 billion information highway to nowhere

Gov. Matt Bevin has offered no solution to the boondoggle he inherited, a plan to bring high-speed internet to Kentucky’s remote corners.

White House unwraps broadband strategy

The American Broadband Initiative aims to streamline permitting policies, lower the cost of wired and wireless build-outs and maximize the impact of federal funding.

State laws slow down high-speed internet for rural America

Electric cooperatives want to help bridge the digital divide between rural and urban America as more federal funding becomes available for rural broadband.

Who has 'sufficient access' to broadband?

The e-Connectivty pilot can fund rural broadband build out, but first it must determine what technologies and services are defined as “sufficient access.”

In search of better broadband availability data

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration wants ideas on ways to identify regions with insufficient broadband capacity.

Mapping wireline broadband

The National Broadband Map shows availability of fixed broadband services by census blocks.

Reaching rural America with broadband internet service

Is modest-speed internet appropriate for rural areas, or do rural Americans deserve access to the far faster service options available in urban areas?

Report: Community broadband competitively priced

Community internet service providers are providing better low-cost services than private competitors, research finds.

Rural broadband push highlights long-standing data issues

As the administration rolls back right-of-way restrictions for siting broadband equipment, fundamental issues still exist around determining the size of the digital divide.