Budget and Funding

Data warehouse aggregates local homelessness data for statewide analysis

To target services and funds aimed at reducing and preventing homelessness, California’s data sharing platform allows state and local leaders to coordinate services, policies and programs.

New tool to help cities make the case for public safety funding

The Black-led coalition behind the online tool is also launching an effort to reduce gun homicides in 12 cities by 20% over the next five years. Its inaugural cohort includes Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Indianapolis and Newark.

Some towns get funding boost from census corrections

Census population count corrections have started to roll out, but officials say the bureau needs to be more transparent about the process as valuable funding opportunities remain on the line.

‘Shark Tank’ for state agency IT modernization

Technology modernization funding programs are delivering quick wins to agencies with compelling business cases.

Data index helps officials allocate opioid settlement funds

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services recently launched a county-level social vulnerability index that officials can use to make data-driven decisions on how to efficiently spend opioid settlement funds.

Cyber grants: Some governments may be ‘totally left out’

Experts said the $1 billion State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program is admirable for its emphasis on planning, but it may not deliver much direct cash at the local level.

$500M for new tech hubs program included in federal spending bill

A law to promote domestic semiconductor production approved earlier this year created the regional development program, but didn’t fund it. The proposed spending would enable its launch.

Local cyber budgets growing but still inadequate, survey finds

With cyber insurance premiums also rising dramatically, half of municipal governments may be without adequate coverage, one expert says.

New FCC broadband map of the U.S. is ‘a step in the right direction’

While the new map is an improvement, internet speed and location accuracy issues persist, experts say.

The cost of wildfires is rising. But by how much?

States are struggling to budget resources for wildfire management given inadequate tracking and reporting of costs.

New national broadband map offers granular look at service and gaps

The draft release kicks off a process where states, localities and the general public can challenge inaccuracies. The new data will be crucial in guiding how the federal government divides billions in broadband funding between states.

Federal pandemic aid is providing a boost to city housing programs

City officials are tapping American Rescue Plan Act dollars to expand affordable housing and reduce homelessness, challenges that predate Covid-19 but that were also heightened by it.

Fed employees cry foul on coming pay freeze

The Senate has approved a continuing resolution to fund the government through March 4 that includes a two-year pay freeze for all civilian federal employees.

Federal shutdown a possibility

The federal government's money runs out at midnight Dec. 18 unless the Senate takes quick action.

The rush is on to approve applications for broadband funds

The Agriculture and Commerce departments are rushing to review and approve $4.2 billion in stimulus law funding for broadband by Sept. 30, a report says.

No pulse, no pay: How the 'Do Not Pay' list will work

Vice President Joe Biden announced today that a governmentwide Do Not Pay List is being created to track debarred contractors, deceased individuals and others ineligible for federal payments.

Coast Guard hopes third time is the charm for troubled Deepwater program

The Coast Guard has nearly finished the third fleet mix analysis of its $27 billion Integrated Deepwater System asset acquisition project, at a time when the program continues to have problems with affordability and management, according to a new report.