Budgets and Funding

Broadband nonprofit shines light on Rust Belt economy

A $45 million federal recovery grant is helping the OneCommunity development program build out a 1,800-mile high speed regional network for Northeast Ohio being used by area governments, educational institutions and health care providers.

The paperless agency: Still just a dream in 2011?

Agencies are getting some help in kicking their expensive and wasteful paper-printing habits.

Services-focused IT calls for renewed security push

As agencies cut their IT budgets, security is one thing that they still have to get right, and that might mean boosting investments to get it right the first time.

Sticker shock: FBI cancels iPad buy

Budget constraints have forced the FBI to withdraw its recent solicitation for 600 iPads.

Cities round up funds to prepare for climate change

An agreement with the World Bank will open access to climate investment funds for state and local projects to trim emissions and counteract climate changes.

Shutdown would highlight government's IT dependence, experts say

Many crucial IT systems would halt and leave the government in unchartered territory in the event of a shutdown -- and history provides no guidance for how to respond.

Who gets hit when the government shuts down?

More than 800,000 federal employees will be affected when funding for the government expires April 8.

Is IT spending on the rise or not?

In one recent survey, data center managers said their budgets will not be increasing for 2011, while a second study points to rising overall IT spending budgets.

Shutdown could be on the shelf, for now

It now appears unlikely that the government will shut down at the end of this week, as Senate Democrats have reportedly accepted a Republican measure to immediately slash $4 billion in federal spending by cutting programs that President Barack Obama targeted for elimination in his latest budget proposal.

Budget would boost IT spending, but 17 agencies face cuts

Eight agencies face cuts of more than 10 percent, as administration touts new technologies and targets underperforming programs and infrastructure costs.

Is a government shutdown on the agenda?

At least one government agency is beginning discussions on how it would deal with a potential government shutdown when funding for this fiscal year runs out in March, which experts say is now likely, according to media reports.

IT programs among the targets for DOD budget cuts

Reductions to personnel, IT and major weapons programs are DOD's plans for cutting costs, which include consolidating data centers and moving to an enterprise e-mail system.

Federal shutdown a possibility

The federal government's money runs out at midnight Dec. 18 unless the Senate takes quick action.

Fiscal year-end spending: Does 'use it or lose it' still rule?

Since 2001, the Office of Management has championed a number of ideas or programs intended to bring order to federal IT spending. But has it really made a difference?

Are you on OMB's high-risk list?

When the White House released a list of 26 high-risk information technology projects on Aug. 23, federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra was quick to point out that it wasn’t a hit list. But now some of the biggest names in government are under a microscope.

Gates' budget-cutting plan leaves Defense CIO role in limbo

Defense Secretary Robert Gates plans to close the Networks and Information Integration office -- home of the Defense chief information officer -- and shift that role, as well as as other responsibilities, to the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Gates details plans to slash DOD budget

In his aggressive efforts to save money, Defense Secretary Gates is targeting a number of DOD offices and organizations, including one major command, IT infrastructure and several senior positions.