Business Intelligence Analytics

Why the US needs better crime reporting statistics

Crime measurements have been contentious since crime reporting began in 1929, but the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System, scheduled to roll out in 2020, may help.

Navy to utilize blockchain for aviation

The Naval Air Systems Command is working on a project using blockchain to track aviation parts through their lifecycles.

USDA plans agencywide dashboards

The administrative dashboards will break down silos and improve decision-making.

Streamlining grants management with machine learning

Machine learning and analytics pilots at aim to improve the processes and workflow around grants management.

Can politics be predicted?

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity wants a program that takes the guesswork out of forecasting worldwide geopolitical issues.

How analytics improves grants management

Tableau dashboards are helping the Health Resources and Services Administration track grants.

Pennsylvania’s data-driven opioid strategy

A dashboard that tracks opioid prescriptions and emergency department visits helps the Opioid Operational Command Center identify overdose spikes and provide appropriate response.

Modernizing a benefits program? You need better analytics

Analytics make benefits delivery more efficient by allowing agencies to target services, detect fraud, streamline back-office operations and lower costs.

Why agencies struggle with performance analytics

Many local governments have not been able to capture data and successfully apply it to their decision-making process, according to researchers at the Brookings Institution.

W.Va. county building opioid data hub

Although the bulk of the data will come out of the county's computer-aided dispatch system, the plan is include health and education information.

Data-driven performance tracking for small governments

OpenGov's Performance Measures lets local officials organize and visualize data collected from individual departments.

How to survive the 'silver tsunami'

Analyzing and visualizing data on employee performance can help agencies recruit and retain the best employees and ensure seamless succession plans.

How data analytics supports Virginia's Medicaid services

The Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services is bringing data analytics to the state's Medicaid services.

A plethora of YADs: Let's hope they point to a more intelligent future

Every day seems to bring yet another dashboard that not only reinvents the performance reporting wheel but also fails to support data sharing across organizations and systems.

Virginia maps opioid response

Color-coded heat maps show gaps in addiction treatment coverage so decision-makers can recruit more providers and push community outreach.

Smarter camera systems for better surveillance

Software that builds video analysis intelligence into cameras will provide earlier alerts to public safety managers.

Analytics platform helps KC anticipate the needs of its citizens

With Xaqt's MetroGraph, Kansas City, Mo., taps into its smart infrastructure -- as well as legacy and open data -- for real-time monitoring and data-driven predictions.