Business Support Systems or Quality Metrics

What's your agency's big data IQ?

Investments in information management technologies will fail to perform if government agencies lack the capacity to use these tools to drive better decision-making.

Avoiding the BI strategy of going mobile for mobility's sake

A new report from The Data Warehousing Institute looks at the how and the why of mobile business intelligence, and offers insights before taking the first step.

Presto, chango: Business intelligence software with a mobile makeover

JackBe has updated its business intelligence platform and its focus. With the release of Presto 3.2, customers can now expose their mashups to a dizzying variety of mobile devices.

The ins and outs of security management design

Security management design is a service provider's method for collecting, maintaining and dispensing reliable information about programs and services throughout the information lifecycle.

Take two of these and boost your data quality

These modern techniques will help make any enterprise data quality initiative, no matter how complex, a success.

5 steps to effective social media initiatives

Consultant Mark Madsen shows agencies how to turn social media into a powerful tool that can support larger organizational goals.

EEOC hopes to find cost-savings in the commercial cloud

Cost increases from the Interior Department's National Business Center led the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to turn to a commercial cloud provider for financial management services.

DOD cuts will slow overall fed IT spending growth

Federal spending on IT will increase slightly in the next five years. Who can expect to see their budgets grow and who faces cuts, according to new TechAmerica Foundation Vision survey forecasts.

Consolidate IT infrastructure, save $1 trillion, CEOs say

The Technology CEO Council claims the federal government can save $1 trillion in 10 years by streamlining supply chains, consolidating data centers, automating paper processes and applying anti-fraud analytic tools.

USDA plans security tech upgrade

The Agriculture Department is updating its security tools with the aid of industry partners.

California county dumps SAP

After four years, county abandons ERP system, following a May lawsuit against Deloitte Consulting, its systems integrator.

Innovative NIH online purchasing system honored

National Institutes of Health's Purchasing Online Tracking System generates $1 million in savings a year by eliminating double data entry and reducing staffing and resource costs.

Canada's push to overhaul data centers and data management

Canadian government CIO Corinne Charette highlights her focus on streamlining data centers, information management and the next generation of electronic government

General Dynamics rings up $228M telephony award

General Dynamics Corp. will modernize the Federal Aviation Administration’s Administrative Voice Enterprise Services program, known as FAVES, under a single-award contract valued at $228 million over 10 years.

FISMA's future may lie in State Department security model

With some reworking of the Federal Information Security Management Act likely, the State Department's program of continuous monitoring and assessment proints the way for what can be done with IT security.

Army establishes new program office for technology modernization

Program Executive Office Integration will support warfighter technology modernization — and current and future acquisitions — under the restructuring of the Future Combat Systems program.

DHS considers new structure for EAGLE II

The Homeland Security Department is considering getting rid of all functional categories and allowing broad competition for the possible EAGLE II-Unrestricted acquisition vehicle.