UAV full-motion video changes the face of intelligence

Full-motion video from unmanned aircraft systems has proved a tremendous benefit to intelligence gathering in war zones.

Are new communications technologies battlefield ready?

Brig. Gen. Michael Williamson, joint program executive officer for the Joint Tactical Radio System, discusses the latest developments and challenges for the JTRS radios and waveforms.

Army moves to expand ground signals intell system

The Army's intelligence arm is building combat muscle as the service readies to expand the mobile Prophet Enhanced ground signals intelligence system that it says is proving vital through its flexibility and mobility on the battlefield.

Next-gen UAVs grow in form and popularity

Two fighter-jet sized unmanned aircraft are shaping up to be the future fast-attack platforms to come.

Oklahoma high on UAV testing

A strip of airspace in Oklahoma might become a test zone for unmanned aerial vehicles in which commercial developers could routinely fly UAVs at high altitudes.

New analysis tools help troops sift through mountains of video data

DARPA launches two programs to give warfighters automated tools to help identify enemy activity in video streams from unmanned aircraft and other sources.

Make-or-break time for Army’s digital force

Upcoming tests will evaluate the ability of Joint Tactical Radio System equipment to provide small units with network connectivity and communications.

Uncle Sam wants you...to fly drones

At a time when equipment cuts are happening across the board, the Air Force wants to double the number of unmanned attack aircraft. And somebody has to fly them.

Army keeps tight grip on tactical network project

Army Col. William Hoppe, project manager of the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical system, discusses new developments with the program, its future road map and the effect of budget cutbacks.

NGA shifts focus to high-tech world

An apps store for the intelligence community and more participation in crisis response are in the cards for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, according to its new director, Letitia Long, as the agency works to

Data feeds are all in the wrist with new display technology

The Army is testing eight lightweight, wrist-mounted prototypes that are built with flexible materials and new phosphorescent technology, and can display live video feeds and other images from a variety of different applications.

Ridge criticizes sluggish implementation of security technologies

Tom Ridge joins the American Security Challenge in a call for more investments in cyber, C4ISR and other security technologies.

Air Force buys new tools for intelligence workstations

Lockheed Martin Corp. will upgrade workstations for the Air Force’s Distributed Common Ground System under a new task order.

The making of a stealth UAV

The next-generation of unmanned aerial vehicles will have stealth attributes and other capabilities that would give them a higher chance of survivability against ground and air threats on long-range strike missions, reports Colin Clark at DOD Buzz.

Is there a place for smart phones on the battlefield? Readers fire back.

Some of our readers see the possibilities of using smart phones in the battlefield, while others aren't so sure. And is the military missing the bigger picture if it eliminates the iPhone?

Space sensor will help uncover insurgent activity

The Air Force is getting ready to deploy a hyperspectral imaging sensor in space that will boost the amount of real-time tactical surveillance data available to battlefield commanders.

Satellite system won't see space anytime soon

As current military satellites become obsolete, time is running out to get the new Mobile User Objective Satellite program off the ground. Now, the Navy is looking to Congress and the commercial sector for help.