California loses personal info for 700,000...on microfiche

The records, including Social Security numbers and state ID numbers for home care workers and recipients, were lost or stolen while in the mail.

The best mobile apps: Simple, easy to use, ready to reuse

CIOs describe what works with mobile application development at NASCIO's Mid-year Conference.

Tony Bennett left his heart, others leave mobile devices in San Francisco

A survey of hotels in the city shows a surprising number of mobile devices, particularly smart phones and tablets, get separated from their owners, and most go unclaimed.

Apple, Google, MS, 3 others on board with mobile apps privacy mandate

A new agreement will call for app developers to provide clear information on their individual privacy policies before their products are downloaded.

Can NASA give away a working satellite?

The GALEX space telescope is functioning fine, but its funding has dried up. If CalTech doesn't take over, it becomes one more piece of space junk.

If you need cool servers, open a window

Department of Energy scientists want to use outside air, and not much else, to cool the agency's new facility and supercomputer.

Hackers strike again: California city's site latest target

The city of Sacramento, California's, website is the most recent government website to suffer an attack, which is becoming a trend. So who will be next?

LiveBallot gets overseas votes to the polls on time

Voters living overseas from Florida, Virginia and California can now get absentee ballots via a secure Web portal powered by Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

Undead virus pilfered college servers for more than 10 years

The City College of San Francisco recently found a virus that had been taking banking and other data from students since 1999, proving a point about long-lived threats.

States, cities, pursue 'any-device' mobile platforms

State and local government CIOs are rushing to answer the public's demand for 'all information, anytime, from any device'.

Secure cloud service: If you build it, you have to sell it.

California's Office of Technology Services depends on charge-backs from customers to fund its cloud-based Secure File Transfer.

In California, secure file transport goes through the cloud

The state hosts its Secure File Transfer service on a private cloud, offering it on a pay-as-you-go basis to government entities and their partners throughout California.

Calif. joins fight against cyber crime

The state of California is targeting online crooks with its new cyber crimes unit announced this week.

Legislative alert app highlights hackathon

An app that would send out real-time alerts when a topic will be debated or voted on at a public meeting was a highlight of the CityCampSF Hackathon.

Hackathon aims to produce open government apps

Open government should get a boost from an event being held this weekend in San Francisco, according to event sponsor Granicus Inc.

BART: 'Extraordinary circumstances' only for disrupting cell phones

The policy, adopted the wake of last summer's protests during which cell phone service was shut off, is not likely to quell criticism. The FCC says it will review the matter.

Digital dragnet: How data became a cop's best weapon

Police are using technologies originally developed for business analysis to investigate cases, catch criminals and even predict crime trends.