Better government through telework: Agencies count the advantages

Teleworking is moving beyond just letting agency employees work from home; it's becoming a key element in continuity-of-operations planning, efforts to reduce pollution, and plans to save billions on unneeded real estate.

CDC publishes social media toolkit online

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention share the lessons they have learned by using Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, blogs and other social media.

CDC goes viral through social media

Janice Nall, CDC's director of the Division of eHealth Marketing, offers some advice to agencies looking to engage citizens.

Obama wants nearly $80B for IT projects

The administration has proposed only a small increase for IT spending in fiscal 2011.

CDC's social media blitz outpaces even the zombies

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention employs social-media tools to provide a stream of updates and information on the H1N1 virus. Zombies not included.

Agencies tap online channels to spread the word on swine flu outbreak

CDC is using interactive Web tools and channels such as RSS feeds, Twitter and other social-networking sites to meet the growing demand for up-to-date information on the outbreak of the deadly new flu strain