CIA wants big data, petascale computing to speed info analysis

The agency is looking at new information processing and networking technologies to dramatically reduce the time it takes to analyze data.

Anonymous steps up attacks with hits on Alabama, Mexico and (maybe) CIA

Anonymous deletes personal info on 46,000 Alabama residents and takes piracy fight to government sites in Mexico, but backtracks on whether it attacked the CIA's website.

Could agencies' individual needs break FedRAMP?

Federal agencies tend to have specific requirements that could undercut the standardized approach of a program like the Federal Risk Authorization Management Program, industry experts say.

CIA official: We need a secure OS, but where's the demand?

The chief of the agency's Information Assurance Group says it's time for a secure operating system done right, but it won't happen without widespread demand.

Your eyes only: CIA tech blurs computer screens to others

The CIA has partnered with Oculis Labs to develop a technology that blurs a computer monitor when the authorized user is either away from the screen or has turned around to talk to someone else.

CIA's In-Q-Tel strikes deal to help intell agencies cut energy use

Power Assure and the CIA's In-Q-Tel have entered into a deal to derive more efficiency out of data centers.

Al Qaeda will enter the cyber world, warns former CIA terrorism chief

Cyberspace is the new front in the war on terror, Cofer Black, the former head of the CIA Counterterrorism Center, said Aug. 3 at the Black Hat Briefings.

Spoiler alert: Spy techniques dissect GOP presidential nominees

The facial analysis technology that helps the CIA and TSA identify threats helps political analysts predict presidential campaigns.

Ongoing storm of cyberattacks is preventable, experts say

The CIA joins the ranks of recent online victims of attacks that could and should be prevented, as spies, criminals and hacktivists use blended attacks to exploit known vulnerabilities.

Bin Laden's lair gives intell teams a lot of data to decipher

Investigators from 10 agencies are digging for usable intelligence from the vast amount of material taken from the terrorist leader’s compound.

CIA changes the info-sharing game

The CIA now makes all sorts of data available to more than 100,000 authorized users through its Worldwide Intelligence Review.

Cell phone call may have tipped off Osama bin Laden's hideout

Since Osama bin Laden probably went offline in 2002, third-party cell phone calls may have hinted as to where he was hiding.

CIA to soar into five critical cloud computing investments

CIA Chief Technology Officer Ira “Gus” Hunt revealed the agency's plan to shore up its cloud computing efforts at the Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Green IT conference Oct. 27.

CIA needs nimble tech to keep pace

Chief Technology Officer Gus Hunt describes how the CIA is building its future on cloud computing, social media and other emerging technologies.

Just how reliable are biometrics?

Biometric technologies seem like an ideal security solution, but a new report raises worrisome questions.

Could WikiLeaks set back the cause of information sharing?

Former CIA director Michael Hayden says the recent posting of classified material about the war in Afghanistan exposes the risks of information sharing among intelligence agencies. But the government’s use of IT could be a bigger threat to personal privacy.

Frustrated developer releases intell analysis software as open-source

A defense analyst prepares to release open-source software for intelligence analysts.