Cisco attempts to bring unity to unified communications with Jabber

Cisco Jabber, built from Jabber Inc. technology that Cisco acquired in 2008, attempts to bring unified communications solutions across platforms Macs, PCs, Nokia phones and tablets.

Is pervasive video ready for the enterprise?

Video is becoming increasingly valuable in the commercial sector and the enterprise is catching up, as Cisco provides a suite of creation and distribution products to deploy video across an organization.

Obama talks innovation with 12 top tech leaders

In a closed-door session discussing innovation, incentives and job creation, leaders for the nation's top tech companies met with President Obama at a Northern California home.

Cyber criminals abandon 'dogs' for new, sophisticated attack methods

Assessments of the IT security landscape find progress securing networks and systems, but criminals are adapting and becoming more professional.

Cisco's Klein listens from the top down

Bruce Klein, who leads Cisco's federal division, earns high praise from government IT leaders for his approach to partnering with agencies.

Product interoperability effort is showing promise

The Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium demonstrates the first products and programs that meet its interoperability standards.

Cisco enters tablet market

Network hardware maker Cisco announces the Cius, an Android-based tablet geared toward the corporate crowd.

Cloud security: Feds on cusp of change

Experts assess the future of certification in cloud computing and the types of security agencies must address.

Unified communications requires a unified implementation plan

A New York county's conversion to a unified IP communications platform is driven by the ability to meet user needs and save money.

NY county cashes in on unified communications

In hard economic times, the immediate cost savings from upgrading its networking infrastructure enabled Broome County, N.Y., to implement a state-of-the-art unified communications platform.

Nation's cybersecurity suffers from a lack of information sharing

Lack of trust between the government and private sectors still inhibits information sharing needed to defend against rapidly evolving cyberthreats.

Cisco to HP: Drop dead

The rivalry between Cisco and Hewlett-Packard heats up as Cisco announces it will not renew its systems integrator agreement with HP.

Lawful wiretap interfaces are vulnerable to unlawful exploits

A security researcher says a series of small vulnerabilities could allow hackers to use interfaces designed for lawful Internet wiretaps.

Space-based router promises more reliable communications

The Internet Routing in Space (IRIS) program is working on building radiation-tolerant IP for satellite and related spacecraft, supporting voice, video and data communications.