Cloud and Infrastructure

Zero trust builds on identity management

Having a robust ID management program in place is one of the most effective ways to enhance governments’ cybersecurity, and experts say it is within reach.

Not everything we call AI is actually ‘artificial intelligence.’ Here’s what you need to know

Systems that involve learning and adapting are considered artificial intelligence, and one expert says advancements in the data, computation and algorithms behind AI could someday imitate the way humans think.

Cloud architecture focuses on relationship management, outcomes

With states at various stages of cloud maturity, their cloud architects must align business solutions with strategic goals.

How a fast-growing town moved from ad hoc to strategic cybersecurity

Security operations center as a service gives Gilbert, Arizona, a single pane of glass for support, services and collaboration.

Increasing severity of natural disasters underscores need for technology and preparation

As agencies prep for disaster response, resilient communications and hands-on training with technology and processes are key.

Google bets big on government business with new division

Google Public Sector aims to accelerate digital transformation for federal, state and local governments, as well as educational institutions.

How one city integrated mental health response into 911 dispatch systems

Operators in Austin’s 911 call center can use the computer-aided dispatch system to transfer calls not just to police, fire and emergency medical assistance – but also to mental health care.

Montana builds data-driven broadband coverage map

The state has contracted with LightBox, a real estate information and technology platform, to use its SmartFabric solution that integrates the company's core parcel, building footprint, address file and geocoding data with points of interest, cell phone location and tax assessor details.

States must lay tech foundation for cannabis growth

As states legalize marijuana, they need scalable systems that can handle the complexities of licensing, product tracking and registering buyers and sellers – not just for medical use but for the recreational use that may follow.

Avoid being held captive by ransomware with secure, reliable backups

After a ransomware attack, tiered recovery time objectives and a thorough, practiced plan can help agencies minimize downtime.

How the Army is embracing telework-friendly tech

The Army is expanding its use of bring-your-own devices through a pilot program that’s expected to initially focus on National Guard and Reserve components as it rolls out Microsoft 365.

Developing a successful government disaster recovery plan

As the number of natural disasters continues to increase and the cost of recovery exponentiates, DR planning will be vital to the continuity of government agencies at every level.

State CIOs focusing on cyber, digital services, connectivity in 2022

Cloud services, identity and access management and app modernization led NASCIO’s list of top tech tools.

Quantum computing is reality, not fiction. Here’s how agencies can prepare

Establishing supply chains -- infrastructure, network and security -- for quantum computing is a formidable and far-reaching task that must start now.

HPC helps scientists extract data from satellite and drone imagery

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers are using GPU-powered machine learning and high-performance computing platforms to optimize data extraction from satellite and drone imagery.

AWS launches Top-Secret West region

The new cloud region, more than 1,000 miles from AWS Top-Secret East, will give customers in the defense, intelligence and national security communities access to multi-region architectures for increased resiliency and availability.