CMS Top 25 percent in global viewership's update has bumped the site into the top 25 percent of worldwide websites, but there are more changes to come. pays off with savings, preventative care

In building, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services addressed an increasingly tech-savvy population and a mandate to cut costs.

How to counter sophisticated cyberattacks: Focus on the basics

A series of high-profile network breaches illustrate the need for agencies to do the simple things consistently and well; you can't completely stop the breaches, but you can mitigate them, a DHS official says.

CMS, DOD officials honored for security work at RSA Conference

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CISO C. Ryan Brewer was recognized at the RSA Conference for his work on enhancing the security of CMS networks while improving efficiency, and Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn was honored for his public service.

CMS Dashboard delivers health care data STAT

The public portal lets people run custom reports and create graphs that cover Medicare Part A expenditures. Data for a given quarter is now published less than three months after the end of the quarter, compared with 18 months previously.

CMS Dashboard at a glance


What you can do with CMS' health care dashboard

Users get options such as a summary of patient volume and inpatient payments in a bubble chart or grid view, breakdowns by state and time analysis simulations.

Can the world’s fastest supercomputer combat health care waste?

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Jaguar supercomputer has the capacity to process the government’s health care claims in real time, which computer scientist Andrew Loebl says could reduce waste and improve the quality of health care.

CMS zips up sensitive data for security in transit

The health records of millions of Americans are a valuable public resource, but securing the data across multiple platforms used by dozens of partners required a tool that is powerful and simple to use.

Sharing data with many partners requires a common encryption platform

CMS wanted a single encryption tool that all its partners could use rather than dealing with multiple products.