Command and Control

Army's thin-client system to keep field commanders in the loop

Command Web allows commanders to access and share information on the Army's data-rich, high-bandwidth command and control networks.

Army tests thin-client system for common operational view

The Army is evaluating a Web-based system that gives commanders access to previously unavailable data residing on thick-client applications.

Military to streamline burden of warfighters' comms gear

The military has multiple strategies for reducing the size, weight and power of warfighter communications equipment.

Army takes mobile C2 vehicles for test drive

Two modified command and control vehicles are pushing enhanced situational awareness and connectivity to the edge of the battlefield.

Army puts tactical network through its paces

Network Integration Evaluation tests will vet new systems slated to re-equip Army units before redeployment.

Army's JTRS testing goes virtual

The Army is using a software tool to expand the size of its radio networks for the upcoming Network Integration Exercise.

Bin Laden's lair gives intell teams a lot of data to decipher

Investigators from 10 agencies are digging for usable intelligence from the vast amount of material taken from the terrorist leader’s compound.

DOD evaluating situational awareness tool for coalition aircraft

The Joint Forces Command is considering server technology that provides pilots with a previously unavailable on-demand request capability for ground-based friendly force location information.

Carey to replace DOD's Wennergren

Navy CIO Robert Carey will replace David Wennergren as deputy assistant secreatary of defense for information management.

Battlefield network connects allied forces in Afghanistan

U.S. and allied forces in Afghanistan have built a new communications network to share intelligence information that is crucial to military operations.

Army accepts first air defense battery operations center

The Army has accepted delivery of the first mobile battery engagement operations center for integrated air and missile defense from Northrop Grumman Corp., company officials said Aug. 17.

How the Army ensures the reliability of its troop-tracking system

The Blue Force Tracking system uses a global network to deliver command and control and situational awareness to the soldier in the field, and the Army has turned to NitroSecurity for security management.

Air Force wants to fuse C2 across domains

The Air Force Research Laboratory is inviting contractors to submit white papers on revolutionary information technologies that can advance the integration of command and control capabilities across cyber, air and space domains.

Defense Department chooses CIO

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Teri Takai, chief information officer for the state of California, will become DOD's next CIO.

Army continues march toward better tech

New contract for CACI furthers Army's R&D push.

Battlefield networks roll with the punches

New technologies make wireless networks more powerful and flexible.

NSA certifies 'Suite B' radio

The Harris RF-310M-HH radio simplifies communications with multinational coalitions on the battlefield, improving coordination and mission planning.