Communications Equipment

Marines want smart phone for classified, commercial systems

The Marine Corps is looking for a new generation of secure mobile devices that can work in both classified government domains and the commercial marketplace.

Is military ruggedization going, going, gone?

Formal ruggedization practices and procedures were once a necessity for the battlefield, but are they still essential for a military that increasingly relies on commercial-off-the-shelf computing and communications gear? Perhaps not.

This KVM will die before giving up your secrets

The Tripp Lite B002-DUA4 is a highly secure keyboard, video, mouse switch that will fit in with any security plan.

A self-healing network and other new technology for government

Federal officials and industry representatives got together at AFCEA's Emerging Technology Symposium to go over the latest tools.

Army's mobile comm system gains field experience before NIE

The Army's WIN-T program is using recent exercises in New Mexico to ready itself for a major evaluation this spring.

Army to march with Androids, and other feds could follow

The Army's mobile device efforts are gaining momentum, and the effort could potentially reach across the entire federal government.

Navy's new disaster response van runs on solar, wind power

The Navy's salvage command has rolled out a command van that uses solar, wind and battery power to supplement its generator.

Mobile network could tie USDA's far-flung agencies together

"USDA Anywhere" is intended to be a single departmentwide mobile network flexible enough to let its 29 disparate agencies modify it to suit their needs.

Government, consumers hanging out at Lenovo's pad

The IdeaPad Tablet K1 from Lenovo is a newer tablet whose performance deserves a closer look from government users.

The standard keyboard goes virtual

The Celluon Virtual Laser Keyboard with Magic Cube uses an optical sensor to follow the exact positions of your fingers as you type on a laser-projected keyboard.

The 11 best products of 2011

The GCN Lab picks the top 10 IT products of the year, plus one overall winner.

Secure modems help city remotely manage 911 system

The Fairfax, Va.'s police department's 4G LTE modems allowed dispatchers to remotely run the city's 911 system without shutting it down during an upgrade.

Establishing comms for Army brigade was a team effort

A tiger team made up of personnel from the Communications Automated Information System Interface network met the urgent communications needs of the 401st Army Field Support Brigade.

8 tech dinosaurs: Which would you kill?

Every office has Mesozoic Era technologies that don't fit the Digital Age. Some are near extinction, some should be, but others continue to thrive, for good reason.

Military to streamline burden of warfighters' comms gear

The military has multiple strategies for reducing the size, weight and power of warfighter communications equipment.

When calls must be private, app creates a cellular cone of silence

The Cellcrypt software will use a data channel instead of the voice network to make a call and encrypt its contents so nobody can snoop.

Army takes mobile C2 vehicles for test drive

Two modified command and control vehicles are pushing enhanced situational awareness and connectivity to the edge of the battlefield.