Customs secures detention facility with wireless, video, PIV access

The Customs and Border Patrol found a low-cost, high-performance way to securely manage access control for temporary detainees using standard PIV cards.

Videoconferencing brings art therapy into focus

A LifeSize system, designed for long-range use, proves to be the right recording tool for sessions at George Washington University.

Revolutionary way to transmit sound is being heard

Kyocera’s proprietary Smart Sonic technology transmits sounds via the air and through body tissue -- mitigating background noise and traveling through ear plugs.

DISA's satellite-comm device helps with Colorado flood efforts

The SHOUT Nano, a pocket-sized Iridium communicator and tracking device, is being used by the Army Air National Guard for to keep troops in touch.

Prisons get a new way to stop inmates from using cell phones

A system from Tecore Networks lets prisons establish their own cellular base stations so they can keep prisoners from using illegal phones while giving legitimate users access.

That was fast: High-speed wireless routers show up early

New 802.11ac models are appearing ahead of the new standard’s adoption, and are even certified by IEEE.

WinZip for Windows 8 adds cloud, social media support

The new version lets Windows 8 users open, save and zip files from the cloud, and AES encryption allows them to be shared securely on social media and collaboration sites.

DISA to begin pilot programs of DOD mobile network

The agency is building the architecture for the Defense Department's mobile network and expects to have it at least partly up and running by the end of the year.

Army lab speeds technology to round 3 of NIE

The Army's new lab at Aberdeen Proving Ground tests and evaluates software and electronics bound for Network Integration Evaluation 12.2.

Gigabit WiFi speeds on the way, but beware the draft

The race to produce super-fast 802.11ac wireless routers ahead of IEEE's final approval could create some confusion.

NYC to try replacing pay phones with touch-screen kiosks

An upcoming pilot program in New York City will test the feasibility of replacing pay phones with interactive information kiosks.

Marines want smart phone for classified, commercial systems

The Marine Corps is looking for a new generation of secure mobile devices that can work in both classified government domains and the commercial marketplace.

Is military ruggedization going, going, gone?

Formal ruggedization practices and procedures were once a necessity for the battlefield, but are they still essential for a military that increasingly relies on commercial-off-the-shelf computing and communications gear? Perhaps not.

This KVM will die before giving up your secrets

The Tripp Lite B002-DUA4 is a highly secure keyboard, video, mouse switch that will fit in with any security plan.

A self-healing network and other new technology for government

Federal officials and industry representatives got together at AFCEA's Emerging Technology Symposium to go over the latest tools.

Army's mobile comm system gains field experience before NIE

The Army's WIN-T program is using recent exercises in New Mexico to ready itself for a major evaluation this spring.

Army to march with Androids, and other feds could follow

The Army's mobile device efforts are gaining momentum, and the effort could potentially reach across the entire federal government.