Private 5G takes stress off enterprise Wi-Fi

Besides enabling users to stay secure and connected as they travel across campus, Cal Poly’s private network allows for dynamic bandwidth customization, ensuring availability at peak times and scaling back at others.

Tech disruption powers smart city expansion

Cloud, inexpensive sensors and low-powered wide-area networks are giving smaller cities a way to build real solutions for both staff and residents.

Tribal broadband grants need better metrics

More quantifiable performance goals would help the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program better track internet adoption, GAO said.

Running fiber-optic cable to rural communities is part of Maine’s ambitious broadband plan

Maine’s governor has pledged that everyone in the state who wants high-speed internet will be able to get it by the end of 2024. In just one small, Down East town, that means installing 60 miles of fiber-optic cable.

With billions for broadband on the line, Texas asks federal government for more time to improve access maps

Local officials say the current maps are flawed, and the process to lodge complaints is cumbersome.

Challenge to FCC broadband map IDs thousands of NY addresses lacking connectivity

Gov. Kathy Hochul said the state’s ConnectALL Program submitted the addresses of more than 30,000 locations that are either unserved, underserved or missing information.