Continuous Monitoring

Got your security monitoring game in gear?

Requirements from OMB for Information Security Continuous Monitoring set a Feb. 28 deadline for agencies to prepare formal plans that include a transition to standardized technology and automated feeds to a yet-to-be-developed government dashboard.

Intrusion detection app 'trained' to spot malicious behavior

Mobile security company Zimperium releases an Intrusion Protection System app that uses artificial intelligence to recognize and block malicious behavior.

NIST draft standard details approximate matching

Approximate matching, useful for security monitoring and forensic analysis, works to identify similarities in two digital artifacts.

5 signs of network trouble

Checking for unusual activity in log and event management data can help admins spot the changes that can compromise network security.

Security console provides full network visibility, cuts cost of ownership

The iboss network monitoring console provides packet-level visibility across a network, helping curb conventional and advanced security threats.

How agencies can take social media through the FISMA process

Free services such as Twitter and Facebook are an easy way to expand your online presence, but agencies still must address the risks.

Security meets the enemy, and it's the users

A survey of federal security people and end users produces interesting -- but not surprising -- results: The rift between users and defenders is undermining cybersecurity.

DARPA issues cyber Grand Challenge

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will stage a competition at which network security systems would be judged on how well they automatically respond to security threats.

Next steps in security automation

Building on the government's Security Content Automation Protocol, a working group is developing a set of international standards for automating the job of assessing and monitoring the security of IT systems.

The key to getting your money's worth out of IT security tools

Holding the vendor accountable for results — and right away — is the first step in getting value from your cybersecurity investment, said USPS information security officer Chuck McGann.

Agencies must put more emphasis on automation

Defending against the steady growth in cyberattacks requires continuous monitoring and automated responses, and that could mean shifting resources.

Help is available for effective continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring of IT systems can help maintain and improve security, but it is not necessarily easy to do. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has published guidance to help with the job.

Continuous monitoring: A piece of the IT security puzzle

Continuous monitoring of IT systems is changing the way agencies approach federal security regs, but it can only be effective on fundamentally sound systems, say government security pros.

In cyber's 'pre-9-11 moment,' intell agencies turn to automation

In the face of tight technology budgets, the intelligence community will focus on cyber security, research and workforce development, said Stephanie O'Sullivan of ODNI.

Proactive, continuous monitoring key to thwarting cyber crime

Cyber warfare is here and if we don't shift the way we think and strengthen our defenses, we will pay the price down the line, writes Jim Flyzik.

Moving encryption to the enterprise edge involves trade-offs

DOE is using a cloud-based appliance to handle encryption of unclassified e-mail, but the solution is not for everybody.