Contract Opportunities

Navy freezes server purchases

The Navy has frozen its server purchases and halted the creation of new data centers in a move seen as a step toward reducing its IT infrastructure.

Defense cuts raise questions about strategy

Industry associations and government contracting experts are expressing skepticism about Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ plan to reduce Defense Department spending by $100 billion over five years.

5 technologies that will change the market

A guide to the promise, peril and disruption that these technologies will bring to the government market.

How long will cloud's reality trail the hype?

True believers see it as the future. Detractors call for caution. But what do they both agree on?

Coast Guard seeks oil spill technology

The Coast Guard is, perhaps belatedly, seeking technologies to help combat the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Are Google Apps and Microsoft headed for a showdown?

Google Apps is poised to challenge Microsoft's share of the federal IT market.

DARPA looks for stealthier Internet access

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is seeking technologies to give the military “anonymous Internet communications to bypass techniques that suppress, localize and/or corrupt information.”

Is open source the cure for what ails VA's e-records?

An industry group convened by VA CIO Roger Baker is advising that VistA move to an open source platform and phase out MUMPS.

NASA rethinks $1.5B enterprise data center contract

NASA recently announced that it would be reworking its plans for acquiring an enterprise data center to better meet the agency's needs.

GSA, DISA launch commercial satellite solicitation

The General Services Administration has added two new special item numbers for commercial satellite communications services to Federal Supply Schedule 70.

Feds look for their avatars in 3-D

The Agriculture Department plans to acquire software that agencies across government can use to build its own virtual world for collaboration and training.

Firm launches with supercomputing appliance

Criterion HPS has been incubating for about three years and steps forward this week as a new company focused on the high-performance computing market.

DARPA: Calling all cyber geneticists

A DARPA research program would combine technologies to apply genetics, anthropology, sociology and physiology to the identification of cyberattackers.

Space agency inches toward multi-billion dollar IT contracts

NASA plans to soon open competition for the first of five information technology services contracts that have been estimated to be worth more than $4 billion total.

Cyber threat looms, but its full scope remains murky

Military leaders and analysts say evolving cyber threats, which some believe could produce a "digital Hurricane Katrina," will require the Defense Department to work more closely with experts in industry.

DHS considers new structure for EAGLE II

The Homeland Security Department is considering getting rid of all functional categories and allowing broad competition for the possible EAGLE II-Unrestricted acquisition vehicle.

Feds accused of 'poaching' contractor employees

Contractors are concerned by what they view as poaching when federal agencies aggressively look to hire their experienced information technology professionals.