How long will cloud's reality trail the hype?

True believers see it as the future. Detractors call for caution. But what do they both agree on?

Pentagon tightens reins on contractors

The Defense Department wants its contractors to become more efficient as part of a larger DOD strategy to address declining budgets.

NIH contract in GSA's crosshairs brings in $2.1 billion a year

If the General Services Administration is successful in convincing the Office of Federal Procurement Policy that NIH should lose its governmentwide contract authority, the agency could pick up $1 billion in new business.

D.C. feds hunker down for another blizzard

The federal government in Washington, D.C., breaks out its telework plans as yet another blizzard threatens the capital.

5 signs procurement is ready for a revolution

Conditions are ripe for contracting shops to significantly change the way they do business.