Customs and Border Protection

Feds bust Super Bowl streaming sites (but Brady didn't tip them off)

The New England Patriots' quarterback's comments aren't why agents shut down the illegal sites; the Super Bowl is always a good platform for calling attention to piracy.

Some tough questions you need to ask your cloud provider

When moving to the cloud, plan, plan and plan. And ask your vendor the right questions, says CBP's Wolf Tombe.

Biometric database helps identify repeat illegal immigrants

The IDENT database collects fingerprint data for all foreign nationals entering the United States and allows government officials to cross-check them against the digital prints of known offenders.

New border strategy to incorporate SBInet-like capabilities

The Homeland Security Department canceled the SBInet border surveillance system two months ago, but SBInet-like technology will live on in the new system proposed for some parts of the border, a GAO official says.

CBP will begin new border protection strategy in Arizona

Mark Borkowski, assistant commissioner of Customs and Border Protection's Office of Technology Innovation and Acquisition, outlined procurement plans for the next phase of border security in the southwestern United States.

DHS' new approach to border surveillance looks similar to SBInet

The Homeland Security Department is seeking an open-systems approach for an Integrated Fixed Tower system at the border, which appears to have some similarities to the canceled SBInet system.

Border Protection upgrades communications with advanced tech

Science Applications International Corp. will upgrade communications systems for the Homeland Security Department's Customs and Border Protection unit, reports David Hubler in Washington Technology.

CBP moving e-mail to DHS' private cloud

Customs and Border Protection officials are moving the agency’s collaboration software and e-mail services to a private cloud located in one of the Homeland Security Department’s new state-of–the-art data centers.

DHS to automate watch list feeds

The Homeland Security Department and the Terrorist Screening Center will use a program to simplify how DHS receives information from the government's centralized terrorist database.

Widget provides one-click access to travel tips

The Summer Travel Web widget was developed by the Transportation Security Administration in conjunction with the Customs and Border Protection agency to provide travelers with easy access to helpful travel tips.

Customs directorate automates its acquisition cycle

The Customs and Border Protection Procurement Directorate has developed a Web-based knowledge management system that automates the acquisition cycle and expands the exchange of information among its geographically dispersed workforce.

SBInet border system likely to be scaled back, replaced by UAVs

The Homeland Security Department's SBInet border surveillance system is likely to be reduced in scope once the first initial 53 miles of construction is completed, the system's chief said today.

Project at a glance: Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative

More than 1.7 million vehicles and 2.5 million travelers’ identities validated in the first week of operation without any increase in wait time.

CBP's border system tests include a drive-through sandbox

For its border-crossing system, Customs and Border Protection had to optimize the best configuration of radio frequency identification antennas in the lane, how to tune and angle the antennas, and how to set the radiated power for best performance in reading RFID-enabled cards

Consolidated ID cards and automated checkpoint systems streamline the flow at border crossings

On June 1, the project to deploy the new system at the 39 largest ports of entry was completed – on time and on budget, processing more than 1.7 million vehicles and 2.5 million travelers in the first week. More than 90 percent of the travelers had WHTI-compliant IDs, and the automated verification system had a query response time of less than two seconds.

Alma Cole works to keep CBP, DHS a step ahead of malicious attacks

When it comes to protecting the Customs and Border Protection and the Homeland Security Department from emerging cyber threats, it’s always good to be one step ahead of potential attackers. Alma Cole, branch lead of CBP’s Focused Operations team within the Office of Information and Technology, takes that concept to heart.

The 2009 Rising Stars

These 28 innovators help keep government on the front line of IT.