Cyber threats

CISA: Election security still under threat at cyber and physical level

Threats enacted by state-sponsored actors during the 2022 election have highlighted the need for “continued vigilance” in upcoming elections, said CISA Election Security Advisor Kim Wyman.

Report: Increased remote work for many governments also raises cyber risks

Roughly one-third of government employees believe “their actions don’t matter when it comes to security,” according to a new survey.

Ransomware payments decreased in 2022 as criminals used other extortion tactics

A report from Recorded Future found that, even as ransomware continues to pose a global challenge for individuals and organizations, threat actors are increasingly using other methods to steal sensitive data and demand payments from victims.

Cyber criminals are increasingly exploiting cloud environments, report finds

A new CrowdStrike report found that hackers and digital adversaries are relying less on malware, and more on unpatched vulnerabilities and data weaponization.

Southern states have the most open cyber exposures, report finds

The 14 states in that region have more than 100,000 vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and data leaks that all must be addressed to prevent attacks, researchers found.

Workforce gaps could impact zero trust rollout

The cyber-cloud skills shortfall in state government could slow down zero trust implementation, but there are ways to reduce the deficit.

CISA, South Korean agencies issue joint warning on North Korean ransomware

The U.S. health sector sees rise in North Korean-based ransomware attacks on digital networks and critical infrastructure.

What’s in a word? FCC’s proposed data breach rule redefines key terms

The public now has the opportunity to provide insight on the value and impact such redefinitions would have on incident reporting.

Texas universities block access to TikTok on campus Wi-Fi networks

It’s the latest step to limit access to the service after Gov. Greg Abbott directed state agencies to ban the app on government-issued devices citing cybersecurity risks.

Local cyber budgets growing but still inadequate, survey finds

With cyber insurance premiums also rising dramatically, half of municipal governments may be without adequate coverage, one expert says.

U.S. Senate votes to bar TikTok from government devices as state bans multiply

The states that have announced bans in the past two weeks include Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, New Hampshire and Tennessee. 

Darknet markets generate millions in revenue selling stolen personal data, supply chain study finds

The darknet market supply chain connects hackers, wholesalers and consumers of stolen data.

Gov. Greg Abbott bans TikTok on state phones and computers, citing cybersecurity risks

Following the lead of several other states, Texas' governor banned the social media platform from government-issued equipment and called for a plan to address TikTok's use on employees' personal devices.

More states move to ban TikTok from government devices

Maryland joined South Dakota in announcing a ban on state employees or agencies from using the app on government-issued devices, while South Carolina asked for it to be blocked.

Local governments make common cyber mistakes, auditor finds

A Missouri state auditor identified key problem areas and solutions that local governments must address to protect against cyber threats.

Chinese drones could expose state, local governments

Amid the uncertainty surrounding drones’ cybersecurity, a new program vets drones to ensure they meet rigorous security requirements.

FCC bans sale of new devices from Chinese companies Huawei, ZTE and others

Friday’s order to ban new sales and imports from five Chinese companies is the first time in its history that the agency has blocked the sale of telecommunications equipment on national security grounds.