Seargeant majors need higher (and lighter) technology

As new technologies reach troops on the battlefield, concerns are raised about the weight of the equipment, especially all the batteries needed to power high-tech devices.

Windows 7 beta debuts in January '09

Windows 7 will be available first as a beta, followed by the release candidate version and then release to manufacturing.

IT security outlook: Ominous

This year the IT industry reached an inflection point: More new malicious programs were created than useful ones, according to security vendor Symantec.

Better privacy for better security

Government must do better at protecting privacy to achieve better security, experts tell Congress.

ThinkPad PCs get built-in anti-theft tools

Select Lenovo ThinkPad T400 notebooks will come with Intel anti-theft technology that works with Computrace to provide better security, starting this month, Intel says.

Gen. Chiarelli on new IT: Handle with care

Army's vice chief of staff says today's Army must guard against relegating promising technologies to oblivion without giving them time to prove themselves.

Army emphasizes outcomes, 'human dimension'

Gen. William Wallace discusses the technology research areas he thinks can be translated into practical improvements on the battlefield during the next 10 years.

Microsoft is medium for ESP at I/ITSEC show

Microsoft unleashes new features of ESP immersive simulation software at I/ITSEC show in Orlando.

Internaut | Managing a flood of new data

Commentary: Being prepared and asking the right question is the key for anyone who is expected to handle new data generated by civil engineering projects.

Microsoft upgrades data centers for cloud computing

Microsoft is initiating the fourth in a series of data center upgrades to enable its cloud computing services.

Tomcat goes production-ready

In January, Java tool software provider SpringSource will release the SpringSource tc Server, a production-ready Tomcat application server.

NetBeans no longer just for Java

New version includes support for PHP and, soon, Python.

NIST backs research at quantum measurement lab

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has awarded a $10.98 million grant to UC Berkeley's Center for Integrated Precision and Quantum Measurement, which is doing reasearch on making precise measurements at the atomic scale .

Older Linux kernel is updated

Patch brings updated support for SATA, USB and AMD embedded system processors

Malware targets U.S. military computers

Pentagon officials acknowledged that the malware known as Agent.btz has infected some Defense Department computers, but did not say whether it could have affected critical systems.

NIEM onboard for maritime use

Law enforcement and DOD maritime organizations will be able to share data about seafaring scofflaws via the National Information Exchange Model.

Worm attacks unpatched systems

The problem stems from a worm dubbed "Win32/Conficker.A." that "propagate on random computers" in an affected Windows-based network.