Data and Analytics

GIS enlisted for equity and social justice analysis

Esri's Social Equity Analysis tool allows equity analysts to combine smart maps and community data to assess local conditions, evaluate decision-making scenarios and measure progress toward equity goals.

As reliance on data analytics grows, agencies look to talent, automation

The amount of data state and local governments collect is growing faster than their ability to create meaningful information from it.

White House elevates CX with executive order

A Biden administration executive order looks to use tech to simplify and reduce friction in citizen interactions with government programs and services.

How the bipartisan infrastructure bill could jumpstart mobility on demand

Strategic adoption of mobility-on-demand and mobility-as-a-service models can help ease traffic congestion, reduce road accidents and cut carbon emissions.

NOAA mapping tool projects county-level climate risks

Understanding a particular area’s vulnerability to events like wildfires, floods, drought and heat waves, tornado outbreaks and hurricanes can have massive benefits to emergency planner.

Cities enlist sensors to tackle noise pollution

New York and Philadelphia hope cameras, decibel meters and machine learning can help reduce excessive noise.

New data tracks polling place locations for 37 states

The dataset can be used to study changes made by state and local election officials in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and new laws overhauling ballot access.

Virginia releases data-driven coastal resiliency plan

The commonwealth’s Coastal Resiliency Master Plan includes a publicly available database and web explorer designed to identify gaps in flood protection and adaptation capacity.

The unrealized promise in COVID apps

Digital vaccine credentials and exposure notification apps could dramatically streamline public health processes, but their effectiveness in practice so far remains limited.

GAO: Justice needs better use-of-force data

The Department of Justice has work to do on collecting and reporting use-of-force data from the nation’s law enforcement agencies.

HPC helps scientists extract data from satellite and drone imagery

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers are using GPU-powered machine learning and high-performance computing platforms to optimize data extraction from satellite and drone imagery.

Data science proved what Pittsburgh’s Black leaders Knew: Racial disparities compound covid risk

Covid lessons taught that health authorities must adopt software practices to ensure that race and other demographic data is entered into electronic records and then shared among counties, states, research institutions and the public.

County limits workers' comp claims with motion capture tech

Biomechanical data from motion capture cameras combined with a movement algorithm helps Monmouth County, N.J., detect falsified or exaggerated injury claims.

EV station map shows charging gaps

The data-driven map will help city planners determine the most strategic placement of charging stations to support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Idaho State Police upgrade crime dashboard

Users can explore maps and charts of crime data from 2005 to 2020, sorting by district, offense and year.

Miami to deploy air-quality monitoring on Algorand blockchain

The city is set to introduce a decentralized indoor and outdoor air-quality monitoring network built on the Algorand blockchain.

Charging ahead: Data drives EV adoption for state and local fleets

With data captured by telematics solutions from electric vehicles, fleet managers can compare the performance of EVs with their gas-powered counterparts to validate projected savings and ramp up future electrification efforts.