Data Center

SSA investigates data center management options

The Social Security Administration is conducting market research on data center infrastructure management tools to help it report operational and optimization metrics.

How automation can transform storage provisioning

Automation provides the only practical path to effective data provisioning that can increase data center efficiency while ensuring users have the resources they need.

Agencies on track for data center optimization

The Government Accountability Office reported almost all the 24 agencies participating in the Data Center Optimization Initiative are making progress toward their goals.

It takes a lot of energy for machines to learn – here’s why AI is so power-hungry

What makes artificial intelligence language models so costly to build is that the data-intensive training process happens many times during the course of development.

The surprising benefits of underwater data centers

When Microsoft hauled its experimental data center up from the bottom of the North Sea and conducted some analysis, researchers found the servers were eight time more reliable than those on land.

3 key advantages of on-premises object storage over public cloud

Despite what many organizations have assumed, the public cloud is not the best option for all workloads and use cases.

Automating problem solving in enterprise data centers

The Naval Information Warfare Center wants new ways to help enterprise data centers perform at an expert level despite not having sufficient IT staff with extensive experience.

Keeping the lights on in Northern Virginia’s data centers

Loudoun County is working with local data center operators and tenants to ensure government, businesses and consumers can access telecommunications, streaming, data storage and processing services, even as they shelter in place.

Latest data center guidance may have increased security risk, watchdog says

When the Office of Management and Budget narrowed the definition of a data center, GAO said, it limited agencies’ visibility into security risks.

Better metrics for data center optimization

By understanding the health, availability and risk of the data center and its underlying infrastructure, IT operations managers can make better decisions about optimization.

Data center optimization: Not there yet

Although federal agencies have closed thousands of data centers to address the goals of the Data Center Optimization Initiative, they still have work to do, the Government Accountability Office says.

How to inspire an IT consolidation culture

Consolidation is smoother when users see how they can dispense with outdated, manual and/or duplicated processes and move forward with the most current automated, streamlined tools.

Americans deserve better than the DCOI metrics debate

We’ve seen a nearly decade-long, overwhelmingly bipartisan effort at data center optimization from the top down, with little bottom-up buy-in or consensus on what success would finally look like.

VA misses targets on data center shutdowns, savings

Communication breakdowns were blamed for the Department of Veterans Affairs only closing 32 data centers in 2018, far below goals, the inspector general found.

What's next for mainframe security?

Agencies are making strides to modernize their systems and open access to government data for public use, but they aren't paying close attention to the hidden risks.

3 tips for optimizing data center cooling

Data center managers have new tools to effectively cool equipment while reining in energy costs.

Does AI require high-end infrastructure?

Agencies can often use the equipment they have to experiment with artificial intelligence, but they may want to opt for high-performance computers for applications that need greater compute power and scalability.