Data insights

Analysis paralysis: When too much data reduces decision-making

The growing volume of data, expanding number of sources and its increasing complexity is undermining leaders’ ability to confidently use it to make decisions, a new report finds.

One city’s unexpected open-data benefits

Phoenix’s open data portal inspired residents to develop solutions for parking and urban heat on their own, the mayor says.

A new strategy for western states to adapt to long-term drought: Customized water pricing

Water conservation could be improved with customized approaches. Scientists suggest water agencies leverage customer-level water consumption data to find out who is using the most water and what it takes to make them cut back.

State eyes sports betting kiosks

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission wants to know if and how it can safely and profitably introduce sports betting machines at retailers.

Caltrans serves up dashboard, metrics for local transit agencies

An interactive dashboard designed to track implementation of contactless fare payments helped local California transit agencies see where they could make travel simpler and more cost-effective.

ArcGIS update provides closer look into race, poverty data

The updated data addresses requests from local governments looking to gain more accurate data on their diverse populations, the company said.

Want to land an innovation hub?

The Innovation Hubs Index gives communities data-driven metrics to help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Street-level imagery makes data collection a snap

Cameras, LiDAR, algorithms and cloud databases make it possible for state and local governments to convert imagery into insights.