Data Management

Where states can learn to turn data into decisions

The Data Labs program helps participating states design data projects that deliver operational efficiency and improved services.

Michigan embraces ‘Clean Slate’ program without applications

State officials aim to automatically expunge certain criminal records to remove hurdles to jobs and housing.

New Hampshire could play ‘leading role’ in promoting blockchain, report says

A governor’s commission said it is an “important technological innovation,” and recommended the state play a robust regulatory role to support its growth.

How states integrate GIS and elections

Despite accelerated timelines and lack of GIS-trained staff, states have geocoded voter addresses, assigned voters to newly redrawn precincts and improved transparency for voters and elections officials.

Machine learning digs into states’ archives

Amid growing backlogs of archival data, states are turning to machine learning to streamline records management.

The cost of wildfires is rising. But by how much?

States are struggling to budget resources for wildfire management given inadequate tracking and reporting of costs.

Building an AI-ready staff starts with data literacy, training

Agencies must train their workforce to get the most out of emerging technology such as artificial intelligence, federal technologists and data experts advise.

How to reduce citizen harm from automated decision systems

For agencies that use automated systems to inform decisions about schools, social services and medical treatment, it’s imperative that they’re using technology that protects data.

Why cloud is a budget breaker

Misunderstandings about cloud security, scalability and storage has led to the vast majority of enterprises spending much more than anticipated, a new survey finds.

Some workflows belong in the cloud, others don’t

New research shows that 88% of organizations have returned at least some data from the cloud to on-prem data centers.

Government makes good strides for cloud migration, report finds

According to the report, government and the public sector are strong in their cloud migration efforts, but lagging behind the private sector in other areas of digital modernization.

How to keep a complex cloud and on-prem ecosystem on track

Keeping to a true north, taking an open or closed approach and managing the change will help keep modernization projects under control, state and local CIOs advise.

Prioritizing data backup to defend against ransomware threats

IT leaders must develop a data strategy with security and recovery performance in mind.

Preventive maintenance through predictive analytics

With unstructured maintenance data hampering strategic decision-making, the Navy’s Military Sealift Command turned to machine learning for help.

How to get both better data and more privacy

The Evidence-Based Policymaking Commission is pushing for a federal service that facilitates access to data for evidence building and ensures privacy and transparency in how that data is used.

Georgia's data breach affects 6 million citizens

Personal voter information of more than 6 million voters in Georgia was illegally disclosed in due to a “clerical error.”

Smart city tech: Situational awareness data fused and filtered

Trusted Information Exchange Service for Microsoft CityNext gathers data from hundreds of sources then filters the information by relevance and delivers it via dashboards, email, text or phone call alerts.