Data Management

Smart city tech: Situational awareness data fused and filtered

Trusted Information Exchange Service for Microsoft CityNext gathers data from hundreds of sources then filters the information by relevance and delivers it via dashboards, email, text or phone call alerts.

For want of a data format, the Whale was lost ...

In trying to improve data transparency in financial futures trading, regulators are learning the hard way about the importance of specifying formats.

Big data file replication comes to Apache Hadoop

Attunity's software for file replication lets organizations rapidly move data in and out of Hadoop and the cloud.

Convergence of technologies will spur big data projects in 2013

Cloud computing, Hadoop, NoSQL databases and semantic technology are related layers that will allow agencies to derive more value from big data applications.

Patent office seeks (free) help making massive database accessible

The Patent and Trademark Office is looking for a contractor that can help it fulfill its open government and transparency requirements -- at no cost to the agency or the public.

Boca Raton adds smarts to surveillance network

The Florida city is building out a city-wide digital video surveillance system and is using a management system to integrate feeds so police can get real-time views of the city.

Attunity offers a path to secure file sharing with Hadoop

Seamless integration lets organizations move data in and out of Hadoop for improved business intelligence and analytics.

New analytics system built to handle geospatial intell

NetApp, Data Tactic offer geospatial intell community cloud-based advanced analytics and data storage system