data privacy

States want to see some digital ID before you visit that porn site

Louisiana requires age verification software to prevent minors viewing adult content. Even as the law has inspired copycat legislation, critics are raising privacy and free speech concerns.

Protecting the data that makes cities smart

Ensuring the security and privacy of data generated by residents and internet-connected devices will allow cities to reap the benefits of innovation.

ChatGPT is a data privacy nightmare. If you’ve ever posted online, you ought to be concerned

As generative artificial intelligence tools gain popularity, one expert warns these models could be trained on personal data collected without the user's knowledge.

When data science shortcuts are a bad idea

Auto-ML can help non-data scientists write programs, but the resulting applications may be flawed, biased or useless, an expert says. Still, agencies can minimize risk and optimize the use of citizen data scientists.

Dozens of US schools, universities move to ban TikTok

The social media platform is falling out of favor among school officials as the app becomes increasingly dangerous for cyberattacks and students' physical and mental health.

U.S. Senate votes to bar TikTok from government devices as state bans multiply

The states that have announced bans in the past two weeks include Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, New Hampshire and Tennessee. 

Gov. Greg Abbott bans TikTok on state phones and computers, citing cybersecurity risks

Following the lead of several other states, Texas' governor banned the social media platform from government-issued equipment and called for a plan to address TikTok's use on employees' personal devices.

Do’s and don’ts of data de-identification

Data use standards and purpose-built software can help agencies protect individuals’ privacy while allowing for meaningful statistical analysis, NIST says.